Friday, December 16, 2011

Need to plan a Goddess getaway?

Escape from old man winter and wedding planning deadlines to treat yourself to a Goddess Retreat in Costa Rica on January 28-February 4, 2012- bring your bridal party with you! This can be a great idea to spend your bachelorette party.

Do you want a getaway that is low key and fulfilling? Treat yourself to a weeklong escape from daily living to delve into practices that evokes the sacred feminine within and without.

This is a unique retreat designed to connect you to your inner goddess while experiencing a complete immersion in the sensual world of the tropics.

- 7 days of daily yoga and meditation, goddess rituals, life visioning, connecting to like-minded women, dance workshops, delicious healthy food, sun bathing on the beach, massages, surf lessons.... with all activities optional so you can truly create the retreat of your dreams. This week is an opportunity for you to delve deeper into and pamper fully your divine and juicy feminine self! You might not recognize yourself by the end of the week-and that's a good thing!

A great way to get to know yourself as a woman before you begin your journey into marriage- a Vacation and a Life Changing awakening all in one!

Check out to read more about this fulfilling experience and to see pictures from last year.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Favors

Looking for a perfect holiday favor to give to your guests at your holiday party or wedding, bridal shower?

How about Mini Xmas Wine Charms? Perfect gift for wine drinkers and avoids guest confusion because there is a charm on their glass.

Set of 6 charms is $6 from Beaucoup. Please see link below.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

MBB Vision Board Event- How do you want your Marriage to look like?

2011 is wrapping up and now we are heading to 2012! It is such a beautiful moment when a couple is committed to take their next relationship into marriage. In addition to the wedding planning, budget, planning, deadlines, décor, theme etc- its important to focus on the marriage because you will share a beautiful day but you will live in union and experience highs and lows throughout your everyday life.

Do you have vision for what you want to see in the dynamics of your marriage? Such as the home you would like to live in- either a house in the suburbs, or an apartment in the city, or to move to another state, or if you want or do not want children, or discover both of your spiritual paths, or to envision what kind of love you both have for each other.

A vision board can be useful element in your relationship. It is a board of a collage of images that gives you and partner to help you see, feel and discover your personal and unique “vision” around marriage-the next phase in life.

Come and join My Bridal Budget LLC & Neelu Gulri from Sattic Living on our Vision Board Night 2012 workshop on January 7, 2012. We will begin on mediation, setting intentions, and then releasing your inner child and create a vision board of your personal goals for the New Year. This is a perfect date night out with your beau in creating a work of art activity and it is helpful to make sure you are on similar paths in your marriage.

Please visit to get your tickets! Space is limited
Saturday, January 7, 2012 at 5pm to 8pm
Bamboomoves Yoga Center
107-40 Queens Blvd, Suite 206
Forest Hills, NY 11375
$25 for singles
$40 for couples
Art supplies/magazines and light refreshments will be provided

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Girls Day of Beauty 12/3

Be styled with the latest jewelry trends by Stella & Dot jewelry stylist by Yours Truly- Fouzia My Bridal Budget, leave with a sexy smoky eye by a top makeup artist and treat yourself to a FREE trial cellulite reduction session. Perfect day to pamper yourself and invite your girlfriends!! Light refreshments will be served.
There is limited availability please call soon to 917 294 5343 to be on our guest list to pay only $10 @ the door. Or pay your ticket online at Must be 18 years or older. Feel free to visit our website , visit Stella & Dot Jewelry website, and visit makeup artist Pamela

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Signature Drink- Georgia Peach Ice Tea

Are you having a fall wedding or entertaining a party at your home? If you are searching for a signature drink for your event that compliments the fall season, how about trying a Georgia Peach Ice Tea?

Here are the ingredients-

1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz gin
1/2 oz rum
fill with sweet and sour mix
1/2 oz peach schnapps

Fill collins glass with ice, add vodka, gin, and rum. Fill with sweet and sour mix. Pour peach schnapps on top.

You can make this for your guests at home for your holiday party or if you are having a wedding, inquire your venue first to make sure they have these ingredients.

Read more: Georgia Peach Iced Tea recipe

Such a yummy drink that you would crave for more!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

National Massage Week October 23-October 29,2011

Do you know starting this Sunday is National Massage Week? I’m sure throughout the planning of your big day; your body is feeling tense. Why not treat yourself to a massage? Massage and bodywork can release the tension and fatigue that your body is experiencing.

JB Miller, LMT from Massage Rite is offering great massage specials that you need to take advantage of! She is fantastic and passionate in her services!

Starting rate $85 for a 1 hour session!

Please contact JB Miller, LMT 646-226-7879.

Mention MBB blog to receive discounted rates during this promotion from October 23- October 29, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Coffee bean fall centerpiece

Are you inspired by rustic fall colors for your fall wedding- oranges, browns, and golds? Do you want a coffee aroma to spread through your venue? How about Coffee bean centerpieces?

An easy DIY project that you can do! Coffee beans come in many different shades of brown and black. Layer the shades in a large tall glass vase for a dramatic centerpiece. Another option, you can place white roses in floral tubes, also called water picks, to keep them hydrated. Fill a fish bowl vase with coffee beans and stick the roses into the beans until the top of the vase is covered in the roses. Use tall, square vases filled with coffee beans to display bolder colors like fuchsia, orange and purple. Wrap a wide brown or ivory ribbon around each vase.

Build your centerpieces around coffee beans for table decorations- your guests will not forget!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Body Shaping Treatments For Your Big Day

I’ve been meaning to blog about this since the summer! Regardless that we are in the fall season, ladies we all need a little body shaping treatment to pamper ourselves and to get ready for the big day and your honeymoon!

Have you heard of Endermologie? It is a cellulite reduction and body shaping treatment. It reduces fatty tissues in our thighs, buttocks, back, abdomen, and arms, which are called our dear enemy cellulite!

I found a hidden gem that provides this endermologie service called Skintique. This spa office is such a chic and intimate ambiance spa office conveniently located in Astoria, Queens. A few affordable treatments that I’ve purchased-I immediately felt the difference and I began to see the areas in my body approve. It is FDA approved, non-invasive, reduces cellulite, tightens loose skin, loses inches and improves circulation.

Please check out Natalie & Jen at Skintique. Call Skintique for a free trial treatment!

In addition to the treatments, always drink h20, eat healthy veggies and fruits, and exercise! You will look and feel like a superstar!!

Mention “My Bridal Budget Shaping Treatment Blog” and receive a 25% off your treatment!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

FAQs and Tips to get the best hotel rate

You may have out of town guests attending your wedding during a weekend, or you may have your wedding further from your hometown, some guests may want to stay the night instead of driving back. It’s important you research, compare group discounted rates, and select your hotel prior to sending out your invitations, so that way you can include hotel enclosure cards of the rates, information and deadlines in your invitations. Here are some helpful tips and questions to ask to the Hotel Sales Dept.

1) What is the minimum amount of rooms to block the weekend? (You need to figure out how many guests would reserve rooms, an approximate number. For example, if you have 12 to 15 guests that you do know they will be staying at a hotel then 8 to 10 rooms would be sufficient)

2) What is the discounted group rate? (You can inquire your reception venue. Usually reception venues have relationships with the hotels nearby, the hotel can grant you a free bridal suite or offer group discounted room rates because you are having a wedding at the referred venue.)

3) What is the policy for rooms that are not reserved within the blocked room contract? (You want to make sure that you are not penalized for rooms that are not reserved, so for example you have 10 rooms blocked on your contract and 2 rooms have been reserved by your guests and 8 are not booked- you want to make sure you that you are not responsible for that cost. Some hotels do charge unbooked room nights and most do not charge, instead, they release the rooms to the general public)

4) When is the deadline for guest to reserve their rooms in order to get the group discount? (Some hotels give 3 to 4 weeks before the wedding date for guests to book their rooms)

5) Do you offer complimentary shuttles? (Such as airport transportation- hotel to airport, airport to hotel, local shuttles hotel to venue, venue to hotel)

6) Do you offer a complimentary room or suite when the blocked rooms have been reserved? (Most hotels give free room or group-discounted rate when the contract has been fulfilled- so they can honor you a bridal suite or free room)

7) Is there a cancellation fee? (Lets say for example if you decide to cancel, are you responsible for cost of the rooms? or can they just release the rooms to the general public)

Friday, September 9, 2011

After the Rain, there is a Rainbow

Hurricane Irene was almost 2 weeks ago, our very own bride and groom Martine & Nicola was in the midst of this havoc. We were all sitting glued to the TV figuring out if this dream wedding will happen. Unfortunately, their NJ wedding had to be cancelled, due to the unexpected storm, but rest assured My Bridal Budget came to the rescue! We planned a Plan B wedding in a hurry within 24 hours, which we celebrated their nuptials on a Monday. It went from a NJ catering venue theme to a unique chic city wedding at the Scarpina Restaurant in Union Square. After their beautiful special day, the couple was featured in “On your side” ABC News to share their story how Hurricane Irene almost interrupted their plans.
Please see their footage-

Please visit The Wedding Central Blog to read all about this experience!

We wish Martine and Nicola a beautiful happily ever after in their new home Chicago!
Thank you to the wonderful vendors that made the effort to make this couple’s wedding special!
Scarpina Restaurant (owner Albana)
Ricardo Cardona (Executive Chef
Party Tyme (DJ) (Louie Vega)
Touch of Elegance (florist) (Lisa)
The Wedding Central (photographer) (Gabriela & Danny)
Myther Ganibe (videographer) (Myther & Marvin)
Reverend Nigel Pierce (Reverend- Grace Church)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wedding Insurance

Last weekend in the East coast, hurricane Irene welcomed us with unexpected circumstances that had either changed travel arrangements and/or cancelled weddings, which is important that I blog about Wedding Insurance. Weddings are investment, just like a buying a car or a home. It is extremely necessary to purchase wedding insurance for your event because in the event if there are unforeseen circumstances such as weather, death in the family, or a breakup, at least you are protected and you will not lose your money.

In fine print on some vendors and venues contracts it states in their cancellation policy some state they do not issue refunds regardless of any circumstance. Please inquire before you sign the contract in the event of unexpected mishap, if they can reschedule your event so you don’t lose your money and still celebrate your happy moment. This is more of a reason to purchase wedding insurance to not lose money.

I know what you may be thinking, “I have to buy insurance too?” after all the expenses you have made. But think of it like this, you pay for coverage for your automobile, which costs 25k. Yet you could spend 50k or more on your wedding day. Why not protect this investment, too?

Generally there are two types of wedding insurance, which are: Liability and Cancellation/Postponement Insurance.

Liability insurance is used to cover the Bride and Groom from certain types of claims arising from accidents taking place during the wedding, reception, and rehearsal. It offers protection for the wedding couple for damage to the facility caused by a guest or vendor, bodily injury to guests, and alcohol-related accidents they are found liable for.

Cancellation/postponement insurance is designed to safeguard your wedding from unexpected mishaps. It covers cancellation/postponement and losses such as no-show vendors, bankruptcy of vendors, damage to the wedding attire, theft of gifts, and more.

As with all insurance the cost is dependent on the coverage amounts you choose. For example, a quote can be based upon a 75k wedding and the cost was $511.00 for the liability and cancellation/postponement coverage.

Cancellation/postponement insurance will provide coverage if the weather conditions are extreme enough to prevent the Bride/Groom and/or their immediate families from attending the wedding or reception, which renders the event unusable or unsafe.

You can compare quotes with different insurances to get the best affordable rate. A couple of recommendations of wedding insurance are or

Have a joyous wedding, but be smart and protect your investment with wedding insurance!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How can I save money on the Honeymoon costs?

You and your soon-to-be are planning your wedding and have dished out your own money, but you may not afford your Honeymoon or you may think your Honeymoon is the last priority on your checklist-, which is not! Honeymoons are a necessity especially after 12months planning this event for you and your special loved ones, you need time to unwind and relax with your Mr./Mrs. If you and fiancé live together, instead of having bridal registry that includes toasters, the latest Panini maker that will create dust in your kitchen pantry- how about creating your own honeymoon gift registry?

The best way to save money on the cost of your honeymoon is to try and get others to help you pay for it. Instead of registering at department stores, you can create the items you want for your trip and ask your guests to purchase them on your site. You can finally afford that honeymoon cruise you would like to take based from monetary gifts from family and friends. A couple of additional ways to save costs is to purchase an all inclusive-package that includes air, hotel, food and drinks.

Here are several recommended Honeymoon registry links-

Happy Travels!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dictionary Guestbook

Instead of using a traditional guest signage book, dust out your old vintage dictionary-which can be used as a guestbook. If you love the beauty of words and what they signify in your relationship, this may be a unique way to display that. Ask guests to circle a meaningful word in the book (for example grocery-the place you met!) and they can write a thoughtful note.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Need a chef for your wedding?

Ricardo Cardona is an executive chef for Sofito, Hudson River Cafe, Sazon, Lua, and Mamajuana. I had the pleasure to interview him as well as taste a couple of exquisite dishes- such as Mushroom Truffle, Calamari Salad, Empanadas, Seafood Bolognese and his heavenly desserts- Panacetta and chocolate soufflé.
Ricardo has been a chef for 25 years. The motto he lives by is “I deliver”, which he continues to do show that in his service. Ricardo has worked with a few celebrities such as, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Rosanna Scotto and the Yankees. He has a friendly, honest, and down to earth personality with his clients.
Food is his passion and work of art- the kitchen is his domain that he brings out the best succulent dishes. He will customize your menu according to your vision and palette.
Currently, he is now filming for a television series that will appear in the TLC channel. He will be traveling to Germany and Ireland to revamp the restaurant’s menu and to learn the culture so he can execute a successful menu for restaurant businesses in these countries.
If you are looking for a posh venue for your wedding and want a Latin flair- Ricardo Cardona is the person you need to contact.

Monday, July 11, 2011

DIY Seating Chart

After countless hours spent in seating arrangements, you may want to eliminate the place card idea and create a DIY seating chart.
You’ll thank me for this blissfully simple project. The supplies are easily found at any craft store, such as Michaels. The chart can be easily assembled in just a few minutes. You can inquire your venue if they carry an easel so your framed seating chart can be displayed. The beauty of this type of seating chart is that you can revise your seating chart in advance before you print it out from your computer. The supplies you need are the following
1 sheet foam board, 32 inches by 40 inches, available at Michaels or any art supply store
Cardstock (any color of your choice), 8 ½ by 11 inches
White Cardstock, 8 ½ by 11 inches
Ribbon ¼ inch wide
Double-sided tape
Paper cutter
Microsoft word
Printer Scisssors

This will cost you $15!

To complete this project email us at for more details!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Manicures and Martinis

Do you love a manicure and martinis with your ladies? The Beauty Bar may just be the perfect spot for your bachelorette party or planning a mani/pedi with your gals before the big day. $10 for Manicure and Martini! Yes $10! You read it! The Beauty Bar located in NYC is the spot to visit. I discovered this hidden gem in the Gramercy area with my girlfriends- Oh I enjoyed it!
It’s a 50s décor bar, with chrome-hairdryer seating that gives off an eclectic ambiance. The nail polish colors are amazing! Vibrant assorted selections from polish name brands OPI and Essie and of course the traditional soft pinks for the brides that want a subtle polish- not to mention assorted different flavor martinis- Platinum Blondie Martini- with Pineapple and Malibu Rum- yum!

Reserve you and your bridal party a Mani and Martini! Perfect way to release wedding stress with your ladies! Did I say its only $10 for Mani and a Martini?!- Inexpensive group outting!

P.S. Only Natural Nails for a Manicure- not tips, or fill-ins.

Source- Image- The Beauty Bar

Monday, June 20, 2011


You’re cordially invited to a FREE “Wedding-Cake off”event on Sunday, July 10, 2011. Just a sneak peak of what you will expect, cake tastings from several NYC wedding cake bakers- that you may want to book for your event! and You will meet Charlena Pearson-Futcher author of “The New York City Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable”. You will hear all about her book on how to plan a NYC wedding in a budget savvy way!
In addition, great raffle prizes- an event not to be missed!

Hope to see you there!
Stay Sweet!
Source image-flyer event

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How about a Fingerprint guestbook?

How about a Fingerprint guestbook?

Instead of a traditional guestbook, how about making it into a framed work of art? A framed fingerprint tree poster, where guests will add their fingerprint stamp to the tree, along with their names and/or wishes. Each tree is hand-drawn on high quality artist paper, custom for you when you order. This can be a beautiful souvenir to hang up in your newlywed home.

Visit Bleudetoi site-
Visit Bleudetoi’s Facebook page-

Source- Image from My Bridal Budget Wedding April 3, 2011
Visit My Bridal Budget Facebook to view more pics

Friday, June 10, 2011

13 tips to plan an Outdoor Wedding

Are you planning an outdoor wedding? Outdoor weddings are quite beautiful to have in the spring, summer or fall-the greenery of the outdoors and the natural eco friendly environment gives a unique and intimate ambiance. However, it is more elaborate than a catering hall wedding, it requires a lot planning, such as a contingency plan in case if it rains, getting the proper measurements for a tent, the list goes on. Outdoor weddings can be a challenge, do your research, pay close attention to every detail and work closely with your wedding vendors.

Here are 13 tips that may be helpful for you when planning your outdoor wedding:
1)It is necessary to do your proper research, such as you need to know your budget and the location before meeting with vendors/venues. Keep in mind, some outdoor venues may have their own exclusive caterer and some outdoor venues may not have a catering company they use so you need to reserve a caterer. In addition to catering, there can be a fee to utilize the venue.

2)Make sure the venue has a kitchen for your caterer, such as refridgation, oven, stove, cooking space. Some outdoor venues do not have a kitchen nor refridgeration. The catering staff might have to prepare the food at a off-site location and transfer it to the venue or may preare the meals in a equipped truck near the reception area. Therefore, you need to inquire if the venue has a designated area for the catering staff to work.

3)Some venues do not have a table floor plan, therefore you will need assistance from the caterer, the venue facilitator/or your wedding planner to assist you in creating your floor plan. This is necessary because the caterer or rental company needs to know the space of the reception area and needs to know how many tables is required to fit in that area.

4)A tent for your reception is necessary. You do not want your guests to have dinner in a hot scorcher weather, they will not enjoy it neither will you. Therefore, you need to think about the proper shade for a tent. In addition, when searching for tent companies, schedule in person consultations at your venue. (it is useful so they can give you the exact measurements and the vision)

5)In advance, you need to require about logistics of the site, such as where should guests park when they arrive at the location. The venue grounds might be spacious and spread out, so you may need to consider renting a golf cart driver to escort the guests to the ceremony location, especially if you have guests that are disabled.

6)Inquire if the venue has a dance floor, otherwise you may need to rent a dance floor from the rental company. If it is a smooth granite/brick floor that should be fine for guests to dance, but if its on grass, or a rough brick floor you will need to rent a dance floor so guests heels do not get stuck on the grass or mess up their shoes.

7)Make sure you have the proper permits, if necessary.

8)Make sure you plan a reasonable timeline for setup and disemmbling. Your wedding planner can create a timeline for you. Other vendors such as the florist and entertainment cannot set up until the tent is set up and the tent cannot be taken down until all guests and vendors have left the area.

9)Make sure the tent is airconditioned/fans especially during the hot summer evenings.

10)Provide Citronella candles near the tent area to prevent mosquitoes

11)If your ceremony is outside without a tent and mother nature decides that it will rain on your day- you must have a contingency plan prior, such as renting a tent. You need to reserve that at least 2 months before your wedding date.

12)Inquire if your venue has valet parking. Otherwise you may need to hire a responsible company with good insurance. Ask them to arrive at least 45 minutes before the wedding to accommodate guests who arrive early.You should let them know if there is a increase in guest numbers so they can provide enough valet drivers.

13)Make sure you to meet with your audio/visual technicians on site for a walk-thru before the wedding. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, they would need to have have the proper audio/visual equipment such as mics, speakers, outlets, and lighting

Please contact to schedule a free consultation to discuss more tips about Outdoor Weddings!
Happy Planning!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Bride And Groom Spotlight Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Calhoun

Bride & Groom Spotlight- Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Calhoun!

My Bridal Budget coordinated a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple with full of surprises was held at The Venetian in Garfield, NJ this Memorial Day weekend. A wedding that is unforgettable from beginning to end! The theme colors was black, gold, ivory, pink & gold, giving a feeling of elegance and a “Mademoiselle” decor. Florals were amazingly designed by A Touch of Elegance- tall Gold Candelabra with cascading crystals and hanging crystal votive cups, and Large full design very little greenery showing at the top of all white, Ivory and soft pink blooms including roses, hydrangea, peonies and other seasonal blooms in white, soft pink and Ivory with hanging green amaranthus at the base of the design, gold chargers, and added embellishments such as pink ribbons with Swarkoski crystals added to the menu. Yummy guest favors Godiva Icecream Neapolitan Truffles were placed at each plate setting to give it a unique touch. Their guest signage was super fun & unique! It was a corn hole wood board! Guests added their wishes to the cornhole- I’m sure the couple will cherish this souvenir forever!

Entertainment was the talk of the evening! The Rhythm Shop band played all the requested hits from the happy couple; indeed the guests and the couple partied all night! The happy couple made their grand entrance with Sparklers by Evention-, which was a surprise from the Mother of the Bride. The delicious cuisine was amazing and appetizing for guests. Signature drinks such as the couple’s hometown Maryland Beer was served, and Sangria and Black Eyed Susan drink (orange/pineapple juice with rum). Towards the end of the evening, Tony Santana Cigar Roller, rolled the finest cigars for guests to have a nice smoke outside of the patio. A grand dessert entrance by a Strolling Table Marie Antoinette- it was a jaw-dropping late night surprise: The double doors swing open as glamorous human table glide into the room presenting elegant desserts!

My Bridal Budget wishes the happy couple with abundance, love and joy! Have a splendid honeymoon vacation at Tahiti! Congratulation to the both families- Catalano & Calhoun!
Fouzia & Adelle- My Bridal Budget

Please visit My Bridal Budget facebook to view candid pics of this unforgettable wedding!!/profile.php?id=100000230784925

Please visit these fabulous vendors to book your event
Strolling Table
Floral Design-A Touch of Elegance-
Cigar Roller-

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bouquet Holder for DIY floral bouquets

If you are a DIY Bride and you want to do your own floral bouquet for you and your bridal party, Oriental Trading has an easy tool! A bouquet holder that is useful to do this easy project!
It’s a plastic bouquet holder with a circle foam, all you have to do is insert your fresh flowers into this foam. The stem of the holder you can decorate it with ribbon, tulle, or any fabric. Perfect tool to make sure your flowers are intact properly and that gives a robust look!

There is a bridal bouquet holder for larger bouquets and a bridesmaid bouquet holder for smaller bouquets.

Here is the link-

Bridal Bouquet Holder-

Bridesmaid Bouquet Holder-includes 4 pieces

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Latin Dance Workshop and StellaDot Jewelry

Hope everyone is doing fabulous! If you live in Queens? Or if you want to take a dancing salsa lesson with your beau, or just for yourself? Or you and you husband maybe doing a salsa rountine during your wedding reception. This maybe a great workshop for you and a great cause!

This summer in July for 2 weeks I will be visiting Nicargaua and volunteering to build homes for improvished with Bamboomoves Yoga Studio and... a Non-for profit organization called Bridges to Community. One of the ladies in our group is hosting a Latin Dance workshop to help raise money for our Nicaragua Trip. What is our Nicaragua Trip? A group of us from the yoga studio will be going to Nicaragua in July to help buid homes for poor families. Our goal, to make a difference :) Please join us for a fun afternoon in learning something new, meeting people, dancing and helping to make a difference. Our fundraiser will be held on Sat afternoon May 7th from 3:30-5:30pm at Bamboo Moves Studio. There is a parking garage available for discount. Tickets are $20 in advance and & $25 day of. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Please feel free to forward this email to friends :)

In addition to the Salsa event there will be a Stella&Dot Jewelry Trunk Show = proceedings will go to this cause.

Bamboo Moves Yoga
107-20 Queens Blvd
Suite 206 (2nd Floor)
Forest Hills NY 11375
(718) 263 - 0788

Parking (Next to Barnes & Nobles)


Monday, May 2, 2011

Home Style Latin Cuisine for your Event

Planning a bridal shower? Planning a Rehearsal dinner? Or just a quiet home cooked dinner date night with your fiancé?
If you are a fan of Latin home cooking, this may be exactly what you are looking for!
Mimi’s Fusion of Flavors offers a Latin fusion taste to your event- dishes like traditional Pernil, Arroz con Gandules, Flan, and new fusion dishes like Seafood Medley in a Martini cup will attract your taste buds. Mimi’s cuisine is delicious! -I promise you that you will be coming back for more! In addition to her catering, she offers basic Spanish Style Cooking Classes. Mimi's passion for cooking happened when she was 8 years old raised in Dominican Republic, she knew that this was the path she wanted to follow and has blessed her with her own successful business. I had the opportunity to feature Mimi’s Fusion of Flavors on this week’s My Bridal Budget Vendor spotlight blog.
Please contact Mimi’s Fusion of Flavors to book your event. Become her Facebook fan!!/pages/New-Mimis-Fusion-of-Flavors/282912291773?sk=info

Q: What inspired you to start your own business?
A: Our passion for good quality home cooking.

Q: What is your cuisine?
A: Latin cuisine

Q: What is your signature dish?
A: Grilled Vegetables Lasagna

Q: What is your signature dessert?
A: Flan de Leche/Custard

Q: Do you customize dishes for your clients?
A: Absolutely, most of our clients have customized their menus.

Q: What kind of events do you cater?
A: Weddings, Private parties, Baptisms, Bridal Showers, Rehearsal Dinners, Birthday Parties, Kids Parties, Schools, Corporate events, Take Home Chef dinners

Q: How early should a client book an event for your services?
A: Base on the event we ask you to contact us from 2 weeks to 2 months.

Q: Do you offer your catering services in the tri-state area?
A: Yes, also CT

Q: Do you offer food tastings before a menu is selected?
A: We don’t, but we offer luncheons on a weekly basis and that would be another option to taste our flavors.

Q: Some brides like to have bridal showers/rehearsal dinners in their home or in their backyard; do you offer in house catering? -Such as Cooking/preparing at the client’s home?
A: We have a service called Take Home Chef where we prepare most of the client’s meal at their home.

Q: What other publications have your home cooking been advertised on?
A: Spanish Broadcasting System- La Mega, NY Option, Senora Bolero-Spanish Online Radio

Q: Besides the meals, do you offer signature drinks for an event?
A: No

Q: Are you a full-size catering company that offers linens, tableware, silverware, and glassware?
A: Yes, we are a full service catering company.

Q: What do you most love about your business and your clients?
A: I love the interaction with my clients, the idea to create a dish for an specific client makes it unique and I never get bored, I always try to incorporate something about the client into the menu, for example I had a Shopaholic Party in which we made bags out of Chicken Turnovers with a cookie cutter. It's truly a blessing for me to be part of any event.

Source Images- Mimi's Fusion of Flavors

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ladybug Studs

A delicate statement set of earrings- if you are a big fan of ladybugs, these studs can be perfect for you, bridal party or your flower girl.

Visit My Bridal Budget E-boutique to purchase these earrings:

P.S. Host a Stella & Dot trunk show in your home and invite your gals to a styling, shopping and bonding experience! As a hostess you will earn receive free jewelry such as these ladybug studs and shop at half-price because you are the host! Please email for more information!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Need a Hairstylist?

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so make sure that your bridal hairstyle is taken care of and that you have no surprises about how it will look! You’ll be viewing the photos for years to come, so making sure you like your hairstyle is one less thing to worry about that day.

If you like that vintage pin up look that will compliment your personality as a bride-check out Pinmeuphair! Sophisticated styles, long hairstyles or up dos. It’s a non-traditional and elegant style that has been around for decades. I had the opportunity to interview hairstylist Erica from Pinmeuphair. Please read the Q & A interview-great beauty tips! Book her services today!

Q: How many years have you been a hair stylist?
A: I have always loved doing hair, even as a little girl. I have been doing hair for weddings for the passed 5 years now and it is my absolute favorite thing to do.

Q: What inspired you to love vintage and pin up hairstyles?
A: I always looked at the old Hollywood movie starlets and thought they were so glamorous and beautiful. I am a vintage enthusiast all around, and a huge antique collector, the hairstyles are just one of many aspects! I do all different types of styles, and am definitely not limited to vintage-inspired, it is just my special niche.

Q: What do you think is the hairstyle trend for 2011 wedding season?
A: The Old Hollywood Glamour is very trendy this year. The classic body wave with the hair down, and the side chignon are huge trends I am seeing this season, along with a birdcage veil.

Q: Is a trial wedding hairstyle necessary?
A:I very strongly suggest a trial, as it is a perfect time to play around and figure out the right look that compliments you and your wedding style. It's nice to have a direction to go in for the day of the wedding, and makes it a lot less stressful.

Q: How far in advance should I book you?
A: I always say about 2-3 months in advance is good, although I have been booked as far as a year in advanced and as quickly as a weekend in advance. I think it never hurts to be early, so I can set aside your date in my calendar. I try and accommodate everyone the best I can.

Q: What should I do the day of my wedding to be prepared to have my hair styled?
A: You should always figure out whether or not you should wash your hair the night before. That is probably the most frequently asked question that I get. If your hair gets greasy or oily generally fast, then I would say to wash it that morning. If you have super thick or curly hair, it is usually better to wash it the night before.

Q: Besides your vintage hairstyles, what other services/products do you provide?
A: I also make custom veils and bridal hairpieces. I have a few different styles that I make, but am able to make special order pieces to match a bride's specific wedding dress. I make a lot of birdcage style veils, some with flowers or vintage looking feathers, some with rhinestone brooches, and separate hairpieces or flowers (without veils).

Q: Can you work with a large bridal party?
A: I happen to work extremely fast and am able to accommodate a large bridal party. I can usually do about 3 people an hour, sometimes 4, depending . If for some reason I feel that the bridal party is too much for me to handle alone, I always bring an assistant to make sure things run smoothly and timely.

Q: Do you travel in the tri-state area? Destination weddings?
A: I travel all over the tri-state area for weddings. I am based out of Long Island, but do tons of weddings in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, New Jersey, etc. I would be open to doing destination weddings as well. I am frequently in South Florida and Atlanta, and sometimes do weddings down there as well.

Q: If you have a bride that doesn’t know what hairstyle compliments their attire, what suggestions/advice can you offer to that bride?
A: I always tell brides to look through magazines and almost make a scrapbook of inspiration pictures. This is good to do to get a feeling for your style and your wedding style. As far as picking the style that is right for you, it is best to try and look for pictures where the person has a similar face shape or features. Sometimes I will have a client that really likes a certain style, but doesn't like it on themselves, so looking for someone with similar features definitely can help you nail what might look best.

Q: Brides always are stumped when it comes to whether if the make up should be applied prior to styling the hair or after? What is your opinion?
A: In my opinion, it rarely matters. If your hairstyle requires swooping bangs or hair on the forehead, than I suggest doing makeup first, as not to mess up the hairstyle. If it is going to be an outdoor wedding in the summer, I suggest doing hair first, so the makeup will be fresher and won't melt as quickly while you are sitting for your hair.

Q: Since the summer and humidity is a few months away, what hair product do you think lasts long and fresh in a hairstyle?
A: I use all different types of products depending on the hair type and style we are trying to achieve. I really like the products by Texture, Tresseme, and Redkin.

Q: If a bride has a short hair-do, what hairstyle do you recommend?
A: If a bride wanted to achieve a vintage look, some soft finger waves look very timeless and pretty in short hair.

Q: What do you love the most about your job?
A: I absolutely love meeting new people, getting to know them and ultimately being a part of one of the biggest days of their lives. I love the excitement and emotion of the wedding day. I also just really enjoy making women look and feel beautiful and confident.

Images- Pinmeuphair

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bride and Groom Spotlight-Congratulations Miracle and Terrence Lee

Kicking off the 2011 Wedding Season with a renewal vow wedding! Miracle & Terrence Lee had such a beautiful and intimate ceremony at the Fox Hollow, Long Island, NY- the ceremony displayed the bride’s Filipino culture. The theme was cherry blossoms and hint of navy blue complimenting the Spring Season. To display both of their personalities they had a signature drink named “D50” – White Chocolate Martini. D50 is a medication that is given to those who have low blood sugar and wakes them up like nothing happens! It stems from the couple’s healthcare professional background. I'm sure their healthcare professional guests got a kick out of the name!

In addition, instead of a traditional guest book, they had a personalized fingerprint tree frame which guests added their imprint to the tree-very unique and a creative way to display this frame in your home. To add more fun to this wedding, a photobooth was displayed- which guests had a blast taking pictures with funky props such as sparkling hats, feather boas and masquerade masks.

Congratulations to Miracle & Terrence. My Bridal Budget wishes you abundance, joy and love- and possibly a 3rd child! =)

Please check out My Bridal Budget facebook for pictures of this wedding!

Please check out these great vendors that did a fantastic job in this wedding!

Venue- Fox
Officiant- Rev. Nick
DJ- Key Group Music
Photography & Videography-MPW Media Group
Wedding Stationary- Cherry blossom Menu & Placecards- My Bridal Budget

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Caricature Artist for Your Event

How about hiring a Caricature artist for your wedding? Lately these days, a lot of couples are taping into their creative side, and want to give something unique to their guests. I had the opportunity to work with Cathy Nolan at an event that I hosted as well as had the opportunity to interview her work of art and services. She sketched a cartoon of me, which looked like me! I adored how she captured all the positive qualities that signified my personality.

This is such a great treat to give your guests in your wedding- comical and friendly. You can have an artist in your reception ballroom giving your guests a one of a kind sketch of themselves! Or you can have a caricature of you and your soon-to-be in your invitation or have it displayed on matte board- so your guests can sign it, replacing the traditional guestbook. Please contact Cathy Nolan for rates and more information- Enjoy the Q&A interview with Cathy below!

Q: How long have you been a Caricature artist?
A: Gosh, since I was 18 years old so over 20 years! Thank goodness I don't look my age! LOL

Q: What inspired you to work in this creative field?
A: As a kid, we used to go to the Six Flags Great America amusement park and I would stop at the caricature booth and stand for HOURS mesmerized by these artists doing caricatures of people. At such a young age I was always drawing and just love being with people so it's been a good fit for me with my personality. Then in college for extra pizza money, I would do caricatures of people and then it wasn't until on a dare that a friend of mine wanted me to do a county fair. The fee was $100 and I had grossed $1000 at that time so the lightbulb went off! I can make money drawing people! :-)

Q: What kind of service do you offer? And do you travel?
A: Yes, I travel in the tristate area. I offer a variety of different options. I can either show up to the event and draw people for a few hours as entertainment. In the studio I can create a nice "save the date" caricature reminder, a wedding invitation, a nice card to present to the bride and groom or a caricature framed in a nice matted frame so guests at the wedding can sign it. That makes a great unique gift for the couple that has everything!

Q: Do you recommend having a Caricature artist at an event?
A: Absolutely! It's a lot of fun and there is an element of surprise to the person(s) being drawn and can be very entertaining for the other guests to watch the action. Plus, it's a unique souvenir for guests to take home as a reminder of the fun time they had at the event.

Q: What kind of events have you worked in?
A: I have worked at corporate and charity events, private yacht parties, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, weddings, and birthday parties for children and adults.

Q: What do you think about having a Caricature artist at a wedding?
A: It can be a fun element to have at a wedding and can be very entertaining for guests. I think more importantly, having a caricature of the bride and groom in a very nice matted frame makes a great wedding gift. At my wedding I did one of my husband and I and all of our guests signed the mat around the image and it's a great keepsake. (Photo enclosed) Plus, as guests enter the venue, they sign the mat and it makes a great conversation piece.

Q: How many hours do you recommend to have a Caricature artist at a wedding?
A: I recommend three hours for a minimum - the first hour for cocktail hour and then two to three hours afterwards while the party begins. A lot does depend on the number of guests that the bride and groom have. I usually can do 10-12 people / couples per hour.

Q: What kind of supplies do you use for your art? What kind of colors?
A: I use really nice black cardboard frames to add a unique touch along with Paris bleed proof paper that has a smooth quality. Most of the time I use a black Sharpie pen along with brushpen markers. To crank out the most drawings per hour I usually do black ink with a shade of gray to give a nice "classic" look. I can do caricatures in color which does add more brightness and vitality to the artwork but it takes longer per person / couple. However, sometimes I will just draw the bride and groom in color and then do the guests in black/white/gray.

Q: Since, caricature involves comical attributes, how do you capture someone’s personality on to your canvas?
A: I have a great demeanor with people and always have a conversation with the person(s) I am drawing. First of all, it breaks the ice so that the person(s) are not "freaked out" that someone is observing them the whole time. I ask them to look at my forehead so they don't feel so uncomfortable and then just get them to talk about themselves, what they like to do, where they live, how they know the bride and groom etc. I ask a lot of questions to get a feel for their personality and observe their interactions with their spouse, boyfriend, friend(s) etc. What is great about this technique is that the person(s) get so busy talking with me that after a while they really don't notice that I am drawing them!

Q: What is the best highlight of your job as a Caricature artist?
Making people smile, laugh and loving the artwork! Brightening someone's day is a great compliment and it's very fulfilling to me being able to bring joy to others with my art.

P.S. If you have a guestlist larger than 100 guests an assistant is required.

Friday, March 18, 2011

11 New Songs for 2011!

Even though we’re only in the 3rd month of 2011, lets start thinking of songs for your wedding-intro, first dance, and more! Here are suggested songs that are continuous hits on the radio!

1)Train- “Marry Me” (perfect song for the first dance)
2)Pink- “Raise your Glass” (perfect song for a fun upbeat Bridal Party Introduction and introducing the Mr. & Mrs.)
3)Rihanna- “Only Girl In the World” (rebellious song to gather all the ladies to catch that bouquet)
4)Bruno Mars- “Just the Way You Are (perfect song for the first dance or cake cutting)
5)Esperanza Spalding- “Little Fly” (dinner/cocktail hour background music)
6)Thompson Square- “Are you Gonna Kiss Me or Not” (for those who like the country genre- this can be your cake cutting song)
7)Black Eye Peas- “Time of My life” (perfect song for a Bridal Party Introduction & dance song)
8)Enrique Inglesias- “Tonight” featuring Ludacris (a great dance song, and garter removal song!)
9)James Blake- “Limit to Your Love” (perfect last song)
10)Pitbull ft. T Pain- “Hey Baby” (not a shy song for garter placement!)
11)Jennifer Lopez- “On the Floor” (perfect for introduction song or just to amp up your party!)

Source image-

Monday, March 14, 2011

Luck of the Irish Signature Drink!

St. Pattys is here! Need a signature drink to celebrate this festive pot of luck holiday! Or Are you Irish and having a themed Irish Wedding?

Check out this “Green Magic Drink”

Green Magic
1.5 oz Finlandia Vodka or Any Vodka
3 oz Orange Juice (no pulp)
Serve on the side 1 oz Blue Curacao

Mix in a shaker with ice the Finlandia and orange juice together, pour into either a martini glass or rocks glass with ice. Pour into the orange drink the blue Curacao and the drink turns green.

- Recipe courtesy of Finlandia


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Invitation Tips from The CardLady

It’s that time to start choosing your theme, style and your guest list, which is all factors in how to select your invitation. At first, it may seem like a daunting task because you don’t know who should or shouldn’t be invited, and most of all you don’t want to exceed over your desired budget. An invitation sets the tone of your wedding, whether if it is a beach wedding or a formal wedding, your guests will receive this invitation and they will get a hint in what to expect from your wedding, whether if it is a casual or formal wedding.

I had the opportunity to interview Invitation Designer Karla Randolph from “The Card Lady”. Her designs are sophisticated and playful, just like her personality. Please read our Q&A interview below. If you are interested, please visit and contact her today!

Please “Like” The Card Lady!/pages/The-Card-Lady/127625080618002

Q:How long have you been in business? What inspired you to start up an Invitation business?
A:I have been in business for 3 years. I’ve always been a creative person and during the holiday a few years back, my aunt who is an insurance agent asked me if I can design her greeting cards for her clients for the holidays. At first I wasn’t sure because I was busy with my full time job, but I couldn’t pass the extra money for the holiday shopping J. Of course now I look back and I am sooo thankful I didn’t skip out on that opportunity because that little project truly inspired me to start this business. I realized how much I enjoy designing and creating invitations and stationeries. As crazy as it sounds designing is a true stress relief.

Q:Do you offer different packages? What are your packages?
A:Because all of my work is custom, I don’t have a set package. I like to be flexible and work with the client’s budget and if budget permits I can offer them additional stationary that they may need for the day of. Not only I design invitations and all the pieces that comes with it, but everything else paper related for the big day, such as programs, escort cards, menus, signages, posters, etc.

Q:Can you customize an invitation according to the client’s theme?
A:YES…I LOVE to customize invites to a certain theme. I love to tell my client that this design is exclusive to you on this special day.

Q:Do you add embellishments to invitations? What kind of embellishments do you add to the design?
A:I love embellishments. I’ve used crystals, twigs, ribbons, gems, bamboo sticks-you name it.

Q:Do you offer calligraphy?
A:I do offer calligraphy

Q:Does the invitation set the tone of a wedding? (i.e. formal, semi-formal, informal)?
A:Yes the invites will always set the tone for the wedding. I design based on what the client wants- also, I have found that customizing invites can really speak about the couples personality and the guest will have that opportunity to see that.

Q:When should invitations be ordered and sent to guests?
A: If most guests are in town I would say giving them one month to respond is plenty of time. If there are out of town guests, 2 to 3 months in advance will be enough time. Just keep in mind 90% of the time you’ll be calling your guest and confirming their attendance as some guests just never RSVP.

Q:What is your turn around time with invitation orders?
A:Invitations should be started as soon as the venue and date is in place. You want to give yourself enough time to send it out. Most clients come to me for their invitation needs 4 months prior to the planned date to send it out. From there, I typically request a 2-week turn around time once the designs have been finalized and approved.

Q:How early do you think invitations should be sent out for destination weddings?
A:Again. I would give a good 2 to 3 months prior to the wedding to send out invites for destination wedding or out of town guests.

Q:Do you offer etiquette advice and guidance, such as invitation writing to clients or estimating the amount of invitations a bride should order?
A:I certainly do. But I do typically give clients a few extra invites just in case.

Q:To avoid errors, do you send a sample proof to your clients before the order is placed?
A:I will always send soft copy and hard copy proofs for client signed approvals before printing the job.

Q:Since you are located in California, do you offer your services nationwide?
A:Yes, I do offer my services nationwide. Its funny actually, I get a lot more clients out of state and I think that’s just because it makes their invites extra special knowing they are coming somewhere else. It also gives them something to be excited about. It’s like shopping online, you’re always looking forward to receiving that special package.

Q:Besides invitations, do you design other stationary such as menu cards, place cards, etc?
A:I design anything paper or graphic related. So menus, programs, place cards, table cards, thank you cards are all included.

Q:What is the most rewarding experience about providing your services to your clients?
A:It’s always awesome to hear back from clients saying how many compliments they got on their invites. Overall it’s rewarding just being able to be part of such a special time in someone’s life and knowing that I can give their guest a lasting first impression when they receive their invites.

Source Images- The CardLady

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Garden-Eco Friendly Centerpiece

Are you having a garden wedding or a back yard bridal shower, and you need a centerpiece that has a vintage and eco friendly feeling?

Check out this Wood Crate with 4 Glass Bottles $6.99 from Save-on-crafts! Clear glass 3.5" tall x 2" bottles in a natural wood carrier with metal handles and metal sign on the side that says Petites Fleur "little flower". Add some baby breaths and Hydrangeas from your local flower shop and Voila! You’ve created a DIY Centerpiece!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pretty in Pearls!

Brides, are you looking for a pearl necklace to compliment your dress or your bridal party dresses?
Check out this Stella & Dot Olivia Pearl & Ribbon Necklace. This ivory colored glass pearls hand knotted on blush grosgrain ribbon. Approximately 50" total length 18" of pearls, 16" ribbon on each side, ribbon tie closure. Whether if it is a blush, navy or a black dress, this accessory can embellish any bridesmaid dress. This necklace works well with a ruffled or silky blouse, but will also add a nice feminine detail to a tailored boyfriend look, or with bolder prints and stronger colors.

Visit My Bridal Budget E-boutique:

P.S. Host a trunk show in your home and invite your gals to a styling, shopping and bonding experience! In addition receive hostess jewelry rewards! Please email for more information!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

DIY Valentine Centerpiece

Need a floral centerpiece for your Valentines table? Something small, but yet robust and budget-friendly?

I created a floral centerpiece for my Mother’s Sweet 60. The theme colors were burgundy and purple. I used Rendezvous carnations from a floral wholesaler and round glass vases from I embellished the vase with pearl vase fillers so that I can achieve this elegant and robust vision. In addition, I added a burgundy pintuck table runner from

This idea can be a perfect centerpiece for your cocktail hour or for your reception.

Enjoy and be creative!


$12 for 12 round glass vases

Rendezvous carnations

Pearl Vase Fillers

Burgundy Pintuck Table Runners

Monday, February 7, 2011

Rhinestone Garter

Brides, do you want to add some “bling” to your garter? Check out this fun and sassy garter that you can wear underneath your gown! Definitely, your groom will be surprised!

Classy Bride
Available in different colors, white, ivory, black or blue (can be great for your “something blue”)