Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Bridal Budget Hot Sweet Picks in NYC for your Wedding

This past summer, I searched for unique cake vendors that are different to the eye and sweet in the taste buds. These are a few of my favorite cake businesses that are nestled in NYC. As you plan your wedding, or event, these selections can be helpful for you.

The first cake business is Momufuku Milk Bar.
Momufuku Milk Bar is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and has several locations in Manhattan. Momufuku Milk Bar has been featured in press such as New York Weddings and Brides. Martine who is a manager meets so many clients during the wedding season. I had the opportunity to meet with her to talk about these delicious cakes and what is unique about Momufuku Milk Bar. Martine has worked in Momufuku Milk Bar for several years and is very passionate to meet clients’ needs for weddings and events, as well as to make sure these specialty cakes get shipped out for destination wedding. They are known for the “inside out” cakes. They make 1-4 tiers in any combination of cake flavors such as apple pie, banana, birthday, carrot, chocolate chip, German chocolate, Dulce de Leche and more. The taste is divine, soulful and cozy. I had their wonderful German chocolate for our engagement cake. You can taste all these flavors in their tasting package that can be picked up from one of their locations.

The second cake business is Cupcake in Heels
I love this title so girly and fun! I found this cake boutique business in Bayside, Queens. Their store front and inside the store is so Parisian. All of their cupcakes are named after couture designers! Jenny is the owner and cake stylist of Cupcake in Heels. Her warm and friendly personality shows when she design custom cakes for her clients adds in special touches. Jenny comes with a special flavor every month, such as white chocolate with cranberry cupcakes, cappuccino and more. In addition, there is a Loyalty Program, at the back of our business cards, after 12 stamps (one stamp per visit with purchase) you will get 1 FREE cupcake and a chance to enter our monthly raffle on Jenny comes with a special flavor every month, the 15th of every month!

The third cake business is Heavenly Goods NY
I met the owner of Heavenly Baked Goods at Davids Bridal shopping for my wedding dress, her name is Tanisha Hill. She has a friendly and “anything is possible” personality. Heavenly Baked Good’s mission is to combine Beauty and Creativity with the absolute amazing taste of homemade cake. They are located in Brooklyn. Her unique cupcake flavors have liquor flavor such as a margarita and Irish Bailey Cream flavors and more. Perfect for a bachelorette party!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Planning a wedding can be the most amazing and fun event to plan, why? Because you are in love, you are getting married, you are planning for your future with your soon-to-be, and having your family and friends involved during this wonderful time. On the flip side, it can be the most stressful time of your life because there is so much detail involved in a 1 day affair that only involves 6 hours of your big day, such as your budget, theme, timeline, selecting your venue/vendors, selecting your bridal party, selecting your dress, your honeymoon and the list goes on…….

Why is it hard to remain calm and loving during this transition?

I think it’s because we have expectations of our day that we’ve always dreamt and envisioned- some expectations can be realistic or unrealistic. A few examples can be that our families will be united with no drama, which our bridal party will get along to plan a fabulous bridal shower, which the weather will be perfect, and every detail will be flawless! Which this can all happen, but we need to realistic that this may not happen.

It’s great to have expectations but we tend to be attached to these expectations, and if these expectations do not turn out into reality feelings of anger, depression, blame, guilt, loss of excitement, and the true essence of marriage is lost. Expectations can lead to sense of attachment that can lead to obsession and it can be quite difficult to surrender and live in the present moment on your big day and even after your big day as well.

How do we remain calm and focused during this transition?
The solutions to this problem is how we operate in our thoughts and actions.

Here are tips-
-Plan & Surrender: Be realistic with your timeline, planning a wedding whether small or big takes 9 to 12 months. Give yourself that time to plan. Give yourself a task once a month to complete and you will feel like you completed a lot on your checklist! Then most of all Surrender, truly surrender all your plans.

-Communication: Communicate with your fiancé about your feelings, and his/her feelings as well. When we get so consumed with planning a big day we forget why are we getting married? This will bring back your romance and will give you a stronger foundation.

-Work it out! - After you tackle your to-do list- work it out! Take a bootcamp class, join a run for a good cause with your bridal party, take a yoga class, move your body! Studies have shown that daily activity reduces stress and anxiety, and it also gives you a beautiful glow!

-Retreat- During the wedding planning process, go for a retreat! Whether if it’s for yourself or for you and your fiancé. A quick getaway weekend can sooth the hearts and light up passion in your relationship.

I interviewed an MBB bride named Carline Folkes, and she shared her experience about her day. Based on her interview, we are not alone, we all go through these feelings during transitions.

What was the hardest part of planning your wedding?
The hardest part was managing the guest list- who should be invited etc. Getting the guest list below 250 was very difficult and was a point of contention. Also managing all of tasks like buying shoes, mailing invitations, keeping a head count, shopping for favors all while working full time was a bit daunting. Also, my husband was a groomzilla at times! However looking back I know he was just trying to make sure everything was to my liking.

-How did you overcome the challenges?
I utilized any help that was offered to me from my family, and I also retained the services of MBB, which was my saving grace. I also remained calm and positive and visualized everything going perfectly on my wedding day. I also gave myself 16 months to plan!!

-Were you stress during these moments? If yes, what were those feelings like?
Yes! I had migraines at least twice a week! The last 3 months of planning were nerve racking.

-How did you cope with stressful moments? (Did you turn to exercise, yoga, friends, family etc?)
I would exercise, go out with my fiancé and do non-wedding related fun stuff. Or I would daydream about my honeymoon!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Unique Idea for Bridesmaid Gifts!

Are you stumped in what gift to give to your bridal party?
If you are someone that likes to give affirmations, why not give an affirmation bracelet to your bridal party. Say how you feel about them in your life with one word!
These wire word bracelets can be customized to any word. It is handcrafted, comfy, lightweight, unique and thoughtful bracelet. It can come in silver, gold, copper, rose gold, and it had glass beads. It is made to fit your bridemaids/maid of honor’s personality.

Visit this Etsy Link:

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to Deal with Divorced Parents on your special day?

It’s the special time of your life that will be a cherished forever with your soon-to-be. All your friends, bridal party are excited, but your parents are divorced and are not sharing their happiness and excitement with you. How do you deal with the elephant in the room? How do you not let lose focus?

Here are some tips to not lose your cool:

1- Remember that it’s YOUR DAY, YOUR LIFE that will be shared with your fiancé. Your main focus is your partner; you will create a new future with your own nuclear family. Don’t lose sight of that, if you do then you are living in the past. You only get this time once!
2- Don’t let the past become your present and future. Whatever your parents unresolved issues are, remember it’s not your responsibility.
3- Have individual conversations with your parents. Speak your feelings and let them know how much it is means to you by having both parents there on your day, and to walk you down the aisle to give you away. This will be a relief because you might have everything bottled up inside and you don’t want to lose your cool on the day of the wedding. Speak now or forever hold your peace. Speaking now is the best peace you can have in your healing and heart.
4- Speak to an experienced therapist, relationship coach, or a pastor/priest/rabbi from your house of worship so they can guide you in how to deal with your emotions in this challenging topic.
5- If one parent is missing in your life, and the communication is not always consistent, always constantly to remain in your true light. Kill them with kindness and not distance. Obviously its not YOU, its them.
6- Send a wedding invitation to them regardless, hopefully they will attend, if not, don’t let it get to you. Your main focus again is your partner and all the loved ones that are giving you love.
7- Remain focused in your wedding plans and your partner. Remember you are in transition to a beautiful life, that you can you do over again and this journey is preparing you to become the loving and supportive spouse and hopefully a parent.
8- Taking a workshop in how to become a loving and supportive spouse and parent. When you come from a broken home, at times you don’t know the tools how to become loving spouse and parent, and you may need tips in how to deal with this transition. (Remember you do have love in your heart, otherwise you wouldn't be engaged)
9- Keep your expectations very low during this time because again it’s not you, its them- they haven’t reached to the point that they are at peace with themselves, so it’s very difficult for them to come around. Keeping your expectations low can reduce disappointment. Be compassionate, patient and have faith. You are an example and you can break the cycle of this toxic behavior, just by displaying that you are in love, and love is in your heart.
10- Create a happy environment; do not let them sit in the same table. Being in the same room is an accomplishment, but having them sit in the same table during your wedding can be awkward and uncomfortable, so be mindful and seat them in separate tables.
11- Remain PRESENT on your big day. Yes it’s ALL ABOUT YOU! This is the time where you can be a little selfish in a good way. This day only is about 6 hours of party time, 1 hour ceremony, and 2 hours of picture time- its goes by fast! If you aren't present in this beautiful occasion, then you will regret it and say- Why did I focus on my divorced parents, and not the man/woman I’m marrying?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

DIY Personalized Champagne Glasses! Cheers!

Want to give something special to your bridal party? Maybe giving them a personalized champagne glass with your wedding colors and their name- you can place it on each of their plate setting for your engagement dinner or rehearsal dinner, so they can feel honored and special that you have included them on your big day and it gives them encouragement that they will share a toast.

Maid of Honor & Best Man can share a toast to you on your wedding day (3 minutes each speaker), and the rest of the bridal party can speak during your rehearsal dinner so they have a chance to say a few words of wishes.

You can DIY it perhaps or order from ETSY

Above Picture from Preston Bailey

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Black & White Affair

Are you planning a black & white themed color wedding? If you are not sure of how you want to achieve your centerpiece Black & White theme color wedding-
Here is an idea, have a cluster of White Hydrangeas (which are reasonable and voluminous) and add in touches of black baby breaths. You can spray paint baby breaths in Black, or any color. These florals can enhance the look in your table, and just simply adding a black lace overlay to the table.
We had the pleasure to work with Betty's Floral Design time at Betty's Catering in Corona - Queens, NY to achieve this grandiose classy wedding! http://www.bettyscatering.com/

Wedding Planner- My Bridal Budget
Photographer-SLR Photographer SLRphotographer.com
Venue-Bettys Catering
Floral-Bettys Catering
Linen- Lendable Linens www.lendablelinens.com

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to display your "Love Story"?

I always like to think outside of the box, I've came across a great idea to display your Love Story at your wedding.
How about creating a Love story timeline on a chalk board. Its rustic, old-fashioned and your guests will see it when they walk in to your venue , and say "Awww how cute" as they read how it all began.

Here is a reasonable link where you can purchase a 24 x 36 chalkboard, or you can also use this chalkboard as a seating chart


Saturday, April 6, 2013

DIY Mehndi Inspired Cookies

Are you an Indian Bride, Muslim Bride, or a New Age Yogini Bride?
Looking for a sweet favor for your wedding or bridal shower? how about Mehndi inspired cookies?
This can be a great treat for your guests whether if its for your bridal shower, wedding, Sangeet.

The symbol of the Mehndi is derived from the Sanskrit word Mendhika. This symbolic representation is from the Hindu Vedic ritual that represents the outer and inner sun, which is the idea of “awakening the inner light”. Mehndi also known as henna in the western world. Mehndi typically applied during special Hindu occasions like weddings, and Muslims adapted this to their festive celebrations.

You can bake these at home with your bridal party turn into a DIY day and have a day of Henna beauty. Here is a cool recipe from Sprinkle Bakes http://www.sprinklebakes.com/2010/02/mehndi-inspired-spice-cookies.html

Monday, February 18, 2013

What is your Vision For Love?

I hope you are enjoying February-this month represents LOVE. As you are preparing for a wedding, you always have a vision of what you would like your big day to be, such as your wedding dress, your soon-to-be looking handsome at the alter waiting for you, your family and friends celebrating with you and more.

As you are preparing for your marriage, you have a vision of what you would like the your marriage to look like and thought come into your mind such as - will it last? will it be enriched with love? will it be nourished with happiness, peace and joy?

So many thoughts are flooded in our mind and planning a wedding at the same time can be quite overwhelming.

The above questions need answers and that is to visualize what exactly you want in your life.

Relationship Coach Jackie Janiec & I are hosting a Vision for Love workshop for the Ladies=). Jackie will share the 3 Secrets of Woman with Happy Lives & I will be discussing on how to manifest love from finding your ideal partner to walking down the aisle.

Check out the link for more details for Saturday, February, 23, 2013
You don’t want to miss it, and spread this all your GIRLFRIENDS!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Are you working out your New Year’s Resolution?!

You may have set a goal for your New Year’s Resolution- that goal may be to stay fit or to look amazingly game ready for your wedding!
But now it’s cold outside, you are probably saying “oh I’ll work out tomorrow”, or ugh I “don’t like gyms at all I need a better fulfilling workout.”

These past of couple of months I wanted to add in more Cardio to my lifestyle and I needed stamina to train for my first 4 mile race in Central Park. I can’t stand gyms! That’s probably why I’m a Yogini=)

On a brighter note, I did finish my 4 mile race in less than an hour – I was so proud of myself! How did I do it? Well, I met with Rayality Fitness which is a personal training center in Forest Hills, Queens NY.

Ray +Paula Lomando are amazing trainers. Once I went inside to their center, the aura in the room was full of Zen and it didn’t smell like a sweat gym, instead it smelled sooo fresh-I felt like I was in a Spa. Part of their mission is to consciously work toward providing the most comfortable environment possible for everyone to enjoy, which they have been successful to achieve.

Rayality Fitness has trained me to be game ready for my race, as well to get my brides + grooms game ready for their BIG DAY!

They offer exclusive one to one personal training sessions, which entails a complete body assessment and offer healthy nutritional recommendations, affordable 30 minute sessions that will get your body in shape and they offer Buddy sessions. Buddy sessions are great for you and your soon to be bride/groom to work out and be together, or you can take your Maid of honor with you.

Their service is impeccable and very down to earth and personal, which we all need in training our bodies.

Rayality Fitness will turn your GOALS into REALITY!
See you at Rayality Fitness!
Check out their link

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bright Ideas for your Wedding Favors

Are you looking for wedding favor that is useful and memorable for your guests?
You are tired searching for favors and you are probably stumped. Maybe you are a fan of florals, and would like to give a flower vase to your guests. This is a great idea because your centerpieces are most likely rentals that your guests can’t take home or some guests may want to battle for the 1 centerpiece on the table, why not give mini vases with your favorite flower to your guests! and also you can use it as a placecard holder!
Pretty neat- right?

Check out this link for inspiration:

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What is your VISION FOR 2013!

Happy New Year! I've been lately MIA and I've missed sharing my tips and advice, but the cold/flu season is here and that occupied me!Without further delay, we are officially in 2013! We will be holding our 2nd annual Vision Board Night. As a result from last year, it has been such an honor to hear our guests say that their Vision Came True! We are bringing it back to truly help you envision your purpose in your life and marriage.

It is a beautiful moment when a couple is committed to take their relationship into the next level and that is MARRIAGE. In addition to the wedding planning, budget, planning, deadlines, décor, theme etc- its important to focus on the marriage because you will share a beautiful day but you will live in union and experience highs and lows throughout your everyday life.

Do you have vision for what you want to see in the dynamics of your marriage? Such as the home you would like to live in- either a house in the suburbs, or an apartment in the city, or to move to another state, or if you want or do not want children, or discover both of your spiritual paths, or to envision what kind of love you both have for each other.

A vision board can be useful element in your relationship. It is a board of a collage of images that gives you and partner to help you see, feel and discover your personal and unique “vision” around marriage-the next phase in life.

Come and join My Bridal Budget LLC & Neelu Kaur from SattvicLiving on our Vision Board Night 2013 workshop on January 12, 2013. We will begin on mediation, setting intentions, and then releasing your inner child and create a vision board of your personal goals for the New Year. This is a perfect date night out with your beau in creating a work of art activity and it is helpful to make sure you are on similar paths in your marriage for the New Year.

Please visit http://visionboardnight2013.eventbrite.com/ to get your tickets! Space is limited
Saturday, January 12, 2013 at 3:30pm to 6pm
Living Yoga
117-20 Queens Blvd
Forest Hills, NY 11375
No Yoga class
$25 for singles
$40 for couples
Art supplies/magazines and light refreshments will be provided