Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wedding Photography Permit at Landmarks

We live in beautiful New York City with so many parks lavished with trees, spring cherry blossoms, you may be thinking of taking pictures after the ceremony with your bridal party at a park nearby the venue, which is a great idea. However, please be sure you check out the city parks information online because most parks require a permit, which includes a fee to use the park’s grounds.

Some New York City parks charge $100 for 30minutes to take photos, such as the Conservatory Gardens. As well as give yourself ample time to send in an application at least 3 months before the wedding date to ensure avaiblity for a photo session.

Another idea, if you prefer to have your wedding ceremony at a park, there is a ceremony fee that is $400 in some NYC parks such as the Conservatory Gardens. You should file an application to the city parks at least a year before the wedding date to ensure availability.

Be sure to include these fees in your budget, as well as include the time slot in your day of coordination timeline so your photographer/videographer is aware of the time.

Here is the link to learn more info about NYC parks

Image Source- Omar Lopez Photography
Location –Conservatory Gardens
My Bridal Budget client- Mr. & Mrs. Steadman
Wedding date- 3/18/12