Monday, February 18, 2013

What is your Vision For Love?

I hope you are enjoying February-this month represents LOVE. As you are preparing for a wedding, you always have a vision of what you would like your big day to be, such as your wedding dress, your soon-to-be looking handsome at the alter waiting for you, your family and friends celebrating with you and more.

As you are preparing for your marriage, you have a vision of what you would like the your marriage to look like and thought come into your mind such as - will it last? will it be enriched with love? will it be nourished with happiness, peace and joy?

So many thoughts are flooded in our mind and planning a wedding at the same time can be quite overwhelming.

The above questions need answers and that is to visualize what exactly you want in your life.

Relationship Coach Jackie Janiec & I are hosting a Vision for Love workshop for the Ladies=). Jackie will share the 3 Secrets of Woman with Happy Lives & I will be discussing on how to manifest love from finding your ideal partner to walking down the aisle.

Check out the link for more details for Saturday, February, 23, 2013
You don’t want to miss it, and spread this all your GIRLFRIENDS!