Friday, April 16, 2010

The Perfect Shoe

You've imagined your wedding dress all your life, but what about your wedding shoes? Do you want a modern and stylish look? Instead of the traditional white satin shoes to wear with your wedding dress- Lets spice it up!
You can wear a shoe color that matches to your bridesmaid dresses, such as fuchsia, teal, silver, gold, red, yellow, purple or if you do want to stick with tradition and you want to wear “something blue” you can wear Manolo Blahnik Royal Blue shoes (Remember that infamous scene-These are the shoes that Carrie Bradshaw wore when tieing the knot with Mr Big). They will look perfect for your wedding pictures.
Don’t forget to break in your fabulous shoes before the wedding- wear them around the house so they can loosen up and you can dance the night away with your husband!

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