Saturday, May 22, 2010

Planning a Bridal Shower?

Hi Bridal Party! Are you stumped on how to plan your Bride a fabulous Bridal Shower? Well, be creative and think outside of the box. Think about your bride’s taste, style, and her sense of enjoyment. She may not want to sit on that white bridal/baby shower chair in a hall, or wear gift bows on a paper plate from presents on her head! (Try a tiara to make her feel like a beautiful princess)

Skip tradition and plan a gathering that she will remember. Perhaps, a garden theme bridal shower (a friend or relative’s backyard can be held for a garden theme), cruise bridal shower, tea party or spa bridal shower. Generally, wedding showers are exclusively for women. However, these days, many couples decide to have co-ed parties for all their friends.

Begin planning the event 6 months before the bridal shower, so you can discover the theme, budget the event, double check the guest list, choose the venue, and send out invitations. The bridal shower should be 2 months before the wedding.

Customarily the Maid of Honor and the Bridemaids host the party. Strict etiquette said that it was not appropriate for the mother to host the shower because the parents would host the wedding. However, these days, the rules are greatly relaxed. It is quite usual for relatives to hold the wedding shower. Even if the family is not hosting the shower, they can help share the cost by chipping in for the venue, décor and food.

The average shower has between 10 to 30 guests. However, this can reach 40 to 50 if you are holding a co-ed shower. Bridal showers are usually more intimate than the wedding, so invite the couple’s friends and relatives. In advance, request the bride her guest list for the bridal shower. Remember it is a bridal shower, not a wedding, so your guest list should be limited- Think Budget!

Be creative with what you have available. Fill a basket with garden flowers, add ribbons to house plants (buy house plants from Home Depot), inexpensive table runners, throw petals around the tables, candles in vases, or memorable pictures of the couple in a frame- that can be a centerpiece. You might want to try do-it-yourself decorations to lower your expenses in décor. The possibilities are endless-so have fun with your bridal party while planning this occasion. I’m sure your Bride will be surprised with your efforts!

Check out the above picture for decor on a Moroccan Theme Bridal Shower. More pictures are seen in Facebook. Please join MyBridalBudget Facebook to see fabulous pictures!

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