Friday, June 25, 2010

Rescue kits Aka Emergency Kits

Of course you want your wedding to be perfect but in reality sometimes things can happen. Its better to be safe on your wedding day than sorry-we know you will have a great day, but every bride and groom should have a rescue kit on their big day just in case. Rescue kit saves the day for the couple and the bridal party in case a tuxedo gets stained or a dress unsnaps- the possibilities are endless.
These kits should be stored in your venue location.

We’ve come up with a list of all those “just in case” items to include in an emergency kit:
1) Sewing Kit
2) Hair Spray
3) Tylenol, Midol, Benadryl, Tums
4) Hand Lotion and Anti-Bacterial Lotion
5) Tide Pen
6) Ace wrap/Ice Pack- in case a bride or a bridesmaid wears the highest heel then slips and falls
7) Johnson & Johnson Kit- Bandaids, Alcohol Pads, Gauze
8) Petal Covers for the Breast Area
9) Sole Cushions for high heels
10) Clear Lip Gloss
11) Breath Mints,
12) Snacks to keep your hydrated and fueling your energy- chocolate bar, granola bar, water, bottles of Orange Juice
13) Bobby Pins
14) Krazy Glue
15) Scissors
16) Sanitary Napkins
17) Nails- Nail file, polish remover, a light pink nail polish and white nail polish (in case you break a nail)
18) Corsage Pins
19) Contact Lens Solution
20) Extra earring backs
21) Static-Cling Spray
22) One miniature bottle of liquor for the groom along in case he is too nervous to walk down that aisle or say his vows
23) Tissues
24) Deodorant for Bride and Groom
25) Hair Comb
26) Flower Girls and Ring bearers-giving them a coloring book, a puzzle, gummy bears. A prize is a huge incentive for a child who doesn’t want to cooperate on the day of the wedding, such as not walking down the aisle. Offering them a prize will ease their tension and they will be focused to make sure they do a great job so they can get that “prize”!

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