Friday, August 13, 2010

Mind & Body: Budget-Friendly Yoga- A treat for you!

Ladies we may not have time to work out, or “center” ourselves in the midst of planning a wedding, juggling a job and family. However, it is crucial to make the time for yourself! It’s important to feel calm on your special day. There is so much to do for a wedding, such as sending invitations, tracking RSVPs, guest seating, the list is endless- we can lose ourselves in what seems to be chaotic for a special day, and easily forget the purpose of marriage and most importantly not taking care of ourselves. The anticipation can easily overwhelm a bride; therefore an outlet needs to be created to release that tension when it arises. As a Wedding Planner, also I need an outlet to release the tension-this year I found a workout that I admire so much and that is Yoga! Yoga concretes on the emphasis on breathing and body awareness. Yoga rewards you with clarity and making decisions not based on anxiety, but based on your intuition. In addition, it rewards your body with a toned physique. Yoga tones your arms, your core (abs), legs- all the areas that we need to look fabulous and feel great in a dress!

If this is a practice you’ve been seeking, but your wedding budget hinders you from taking a yoga class- well I have a treat for you!!! - “Yoga to the People”: Based in New York City’s East Village, this donation-based studio also has satellite studios in Berkeley and San Francisco. Instructors who are qualified to work with students of every level teach classes. The suggested donation is $10 (last class I gave $5 ;0))), a bottle of water is $1 and Mat rental is $2. The studio is spacious, but it can get crowded- however your practice is shared with others that have positive energy and when you leave from the studio you will feel light as a feather physically and mentally. Try to arrive 10-15 minutes early for class to ensure you have a spot in the studio.
Visit this link for more information and schedule of classes-

Let yourself go! And Namaste!!!

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