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Budget-Friendly Baby Shower Décor

Budget-Friendly Baby Shower Décor

My Bridal Budget had the opportunity to coordinate a baby shower for a dear friend of mine, as well as one of my photographer vendors. Janelle (Asst. coordinator) and I worked effortlessly to create a vintage modern & non-traditional baby shower that displays the soon-to-be Mom and Dad’s personality- and we succeeded! I’m not a hard core “DIY-er”, although I love surfing the web for great ideas. However, I tapped into the creative and DIY side of me, I absolutely truly loved it! It takes time, patience, and a creative eye to delve into DIY. Because of what I envisioned, I was able to execute this baby shower in a budget-friendly style!

The color theme of this shower was brown and baby blue vintage- (It’s a boy!) Since I ordered invitations from Tiny Prints - see image above “Love Grows”- …I wanted to compliment the theme with brown and baby blue from the invitation.

The centerpieces that we created were blue vintage mason jars! We didn’t buy the mason jars in blue, but we managed to create a different look, which I’m sure you will be inspired. I found this inspiration from -
1) Mason Jar- 12 Jars- 12 @99cent each- Source Jacks 99 cents store, love this place! It’s a gem and it has everything you need to embellish a party
2) Vitrea 160- Turquoise dye 4.99 for one small bottle (Source: Michaels)
3) Vitrea Thinner- 4.99 for one small bottle (Source: Michaels)
4) Twine – 99 cent – Source: Jacks 99 cent store
5) 12 baby blue Diaper clips – 99 cent – Source: Jacks 99 cent store
6) Mixed Flowers- 12 bouquets@ 11.99 each (Casablanca lilies, Iris, Poms poms, carnations) – Pathmark Grocery Store- 11.99 each)
Total cost for 12 centerpieces: $167.72
Divide that cost into 12 centerpieces = that is $13.98 per centerpiece- WOW!

Baby Blue Mason Jar Inspiration-refer to picture above
The website above-Follow these directions and the comments from other DIYers in how to create this baby blue mason jar. This was a very easy project. You mix the dye and thinner and paint it with a fan brush onto the mason jar. You let it dry for 24 hours, and then you bake it in the oven for 40 minutes at 375 degrees F (it may give off a strong smell- so be sure to open your windows). After it cools, you may see brush strokes-it doesn’t matter if you see brush strokes on the jar, it will not be seen when you fill the jar with water and flowers. We wrapped twine on the rim of the jar twine, and added 2 baby blue diaper clips in the center of the knot.

Decorating the Table- refer to picture aboveI wanted to add some décor to the table- so I purchased table runners that had a brown/white damask design.
6 table runners- $3.99 each (6 tables with 8 guests)

I thought I was completely done with my vision- but I got addicted to adding more embellishment! I thought baby blue shoes around the table would be a perfect fit- I added 6 baby blue shoes per table and filled it with blue, brown and white M&Ms.
$4.99 for 12 baby shoes

To match the invitation- I added 2 mini silver frames (one on each end), the silver frame has engraved message “Little Angel” and I inserted the picture of the baby's sonogram. This was a cute keepsake for families and friend to take home.
Source: Frames- Lotless (99 cent each- Can you tell I love a bargain?!)

Baby Shower Favors- refer to picture aboveI decided to choose a conventional souvenir that guests would actually use in their homes- and that is Baby Feet Blue Soap ;-). I placed it on each plate setting – it actually gives it more décor to the table.

Baby Shower Guest book-refer to picture above
I wanted a guestbook that is not ordinary, so I checked out I loved the guestbook pages because the guest can write about their relation to the soon-to be mom, and draw pictures - which totally fits because the soon-to be mom and dad is very artiste. We added embellishment to the book, so we wrapped a blue/brown polka dot ribbon and glued on 2 mini baby raddles
Source: Ribbon- Michaels $3.99 and mini baby raddles- 99cent- 99 cent store

Clothing Line-refer to picture above
From the leftover twine we had, I decided to make a “clothing line”so we can add onesies and bibs to the clothing line. We used laundry clothespins to hang the clothes and the cardstocks. In between the clothing, I created a different color card stock that spells out “Baby Evan”.
Source: Card Stock- Michaels $3.99
Source: 12 Laundry wooden clothespins- $1.00 – Target

Mother Chair-refer to picture above
We wanted a modern look for the mother chair, not the tired traditional, wicker white 1980s chair. Since, the soon-to be mom has a comical personality, we decided to tape angel wings and mylar ballons behind her chair.
Source: Party City
Assorted baby shower ballons-5 ballons in a pack- 15.99
Angel Wings with Halo- 13.99

Cake- refer to picture above
We created a design of blocks that spells out “Evan” with animal and sport figurines. Taryn from Sweetfavorsrus executed our vision to life! And made a delicious creamy dulce y leche (Dominican cake). Around the cake- there was a mini candy buffet (canisters of different sweets- such as blue cotton candy, mixed chocolates, Twizzlers- Guests relived their childhood memories when they saw candy and created their own baggie!
Source: Cake-

As you can see, you can have a lot of fun becoming a “DIY-er” at a lesser cost! More pictures of this inspiration are on My Bridal Budget Facebook!

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