Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lights, Camera & Fun!

This week’s vendor spotlight is We Love Photobooths. I had the opportunity to interview Guy Ambrosino from We Love Photobooths. Photobooths are ultra popular now these days- it’s a unique form of entertainment for your guests, as well as a fun souvenir to display on their office desk, home, or facebook to remind them of this fond memory. This has become a new “must have” trend. Read the Q & A below to learn more about We Love Photobooths services and Please contact Guy Ambrosino from We Love Photobooths to reserve your booth today!

Q: How does the photobooth work?
A: The We Love Photobooths booth is a self-operating mini studio that we set up at your party or event. You can choose from among our favorite backdrops or buy your own fabric.

Q: What inspired you to start up a Photobooth business?
A: We have always ducked into photo booths at train stations or in bars in NY. Finally we decided to make one of our own for an up coming wedding. The bride and groom loved it, as did the guests Time and time again, we were amazed to see how integral the booth became to the life of the party.

Q: What makes a photobooth unique in a wedding or a festive event?
A: People seem to hit the dance floor and then the photo booth, and then the dance floor and the photo booth, over and over until all creativity had been exhausted and the caterers are clearing out the coffee and dessert plates.

Q: What is the difference between an “open booth” and a “closed photo booth” (such as what you see in a movie theatre, or in a mall)?
A: The We Love Photobooths booth is an open booth. We initially wanted to do a closed booth but as a proto-type we brought our open booth to a few events and instantly we saw that the open concept was much more fun because more people can be in the pictures and everyone can watch and laugh and generally be part of the action. We like that!

Q: What are the requirements for the photobooth at an event? Can a photobooth be held outdoors?
A: Our photo booth takes up about 8x10 feet of floor space. It's a good idea to leave a couple extra feet around the printer table to accommodate crowds! Yes, we can do the booth outside, but would ask to have a tent available in case rain appears!

Q: How about if there is not enough space to have a photobooth in a reception ballroom- is there suggested alternatives?
A: Being in the reception area is the most ideal, but we have had it in the area just outside of ballroom and that has worked well. Once people see the prints, they seem to search out the booth!

Q: How many photographers are needed to have a photobooth?
A: We Love Photobooths works with a small team of qualified photographers/operators to bring our photo booth to your event. Only one operator is needed per booth.

Q: Do you have props, wallpaper to enhance the image? Can you customize the photobooth according to the client’s theme?
A: Yes, the booth is very customizable! We Love Photobooths has an extensive list of backgrounds to choose from and also some couples choose to get their own material and we use that as a background for them. Also, we can have the photos print out in Black and White or color and have the couples name and date on each print. We do not provide props, but many couples provide their own, which is nice because they can have props that are speciific to their wedding or family.

Q: What is the most rewarding experience about providing your services to your clients?
A: The best part about providing the photo booth is that people are literally super happy after having done the booth. We get email after email from couples and their guests about what a great time they had.

Q: Lastly, What is your favorite event?
A: We Love Photobooths love weddings best, of course. The mix of family and friends having a great time can't be beat for good booth photos!

Source Above Images From We Love Photoboohs

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