Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pre-Marital Counseling

Pre-Marital Counseling

If you are planning on taking the next step into your relationship, such as making a commitment to be married- you want to make sure you and your fiancé have open and honest communication in your morals, beliefs, desires and goals in life so it can be aligned within your marriage and to live a fruitful marriage. In the midst of planning a wedding, pre-marital counseling can benefit your relationship- here are a couple of reasons:
1)Strengthens communication skills
2)It opens a discussion in role expectations
3)Learn conflict resolution skills
4)Explore spiritual beliefs
5)Identify any problematic family of origin issues- there are couples who have different cultural family backgrounds, therefore who we are as individuals’ stems from where we come from.
6)Develops personal, couple and family goals- such as taking the time to discuss your goals and write them down as a couple. If there are differences you are able to communicate it an effective way to understand and accept these differences.
7)Skill-based pre-marital counseling can reduce the risk of divorce

New Life Fellowship in Elmhurst- Queens, NY is offering a two-day pre-marital seminar on January 21, 2011 7-9:30pm and January 22, 2011 10am-5pm. This seminar covers topics such as communication, expectations, conflict resolution, family history and sexuality. Cost: Non-New Life Members is $115/couple. This fee includes seminar materials, book, and lunch. For more information please click on: www.newlifefellowship.org. Please register at marriage@newlifefellowship.org. The return on your marriage investment has the potential to be life long!

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  1. Communication breakdown is often cited as the most common complaint in struggling marriages. Healing the brokenness in the marriage and overcoming communication breakdowns in marriage requires perseverance and a shift in attitudes but it is possible even if only one person is trying.

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