Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Boudoir Shoot for your Valentine

Do you want to give something special to your beau for Valentines Day? How about give your beau a lasting impression of you? How about a Boudoir Shot? Boudoir Shots can be creative and bring out the seductive side of you in your photos. You can wear lingerie or your beau’s favorite tee during this shoot. June Photography Studio is a vintage boutique studio that is offering a “sexy” service especially for this month as we celebrate Valentine’s Day. I had the pleasure interviewing her, please read our featured Vendor Spotlight Q & A. Please check out www.junesfilter.com

Q: What inspired you to pursue your career in photography?
A: Right after I graduated high school, I knew I wanted to go into an art related field. I thought about the idea of going into a fashion design and photography college program. So, after toying with the idea after several years in high school, I decided to take an introduction to photography course in college. I was lucky enough to have a professor that encouraged me to pursue both fashion and photography. So, I started taking courses in fashion photography. The first camera I bought was a $200 film camera and ever since I have not put a camera down.

Q: What makes you different from a growing industry of photographers?
A: The photography industry is extremely competitive and to compete in this business I know I must set myself aside from everyone else. Such as, providing creative wedding packages and collaborating with other talented artist.

Q: What kind of events do you photograph?
A: All types of events-you name it, I’m there! Fashion shows, launch parties, milestone celebrations, weddings, baby showers, etc

Q: In addition to photo albums, what kind of creative services do you offer in your services?
A: My studio offers boudoir session, which is a sexy and tasteful "Victoria Secret" shoot. We also offer bridal fashion shoots (before or after the wedding), trash the dress sessions, engagement sessions- just to name a few. In addition, we offer videography services in our packages.

Q: Based on a couple’s budget, do you offer customized packages?
A: In an economy like the one we are living in, I have to offer customized packages. Customized packages are a great way to get exactly what you with your budget.

Q: Do you think it is essential for a couple to have an engagement session?
A: The main reason couples hire photographers is to photo-document a special event, why not do the same before the wedding?! It will also make a wedding album have a stronger narrative story-.beginning, middle and forever lasting... :D

Q: Valentines Day is in a few short weeks, a lot of the ladies would like to give a special and sexy gift to their special man- What do you recommend?
A: What better "sexy gift" than the gift of a picture of yourself! My studio provides boudoir sessions, which can be a man's fantasy! These sessions can be for a boyfriend, fiancé, or just for themselves. As a female, there's nothing more rewarding then making a woman see how beautiful and powerful she truly is!

Q: If you have a shy couple, how do you make them feel at ease and comfortable during their photo shoot?
A: I always meet my clients before a photo shoot or event. It's a great way to get to know the clients and also understand what they are looking for in a photographer. In addition, clients feel comfortable in front of a camera after spending a little time with the photographer.

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