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Invitation Tips from The CardLady

It’s that time to start choosing your theme, style and your guest list, which is all factors in how to select your invitation. At first, it may seem like a daunting task because you don’t know who should or shouldn’t be invited, and most of all you don’t want to exceed over your desired budget. An invitation sets the tone of your wedding, whether if it is a beach wedding or a formal wedding, your guests will receive this invitation and they will get a hint in what to expect from your wedding, whether if it is a casual or formal wedding.

I had the opportunity to interview Invitation Designer Karla Randolph from “The Card Lady”. Her designs are sophisticated and playful, just like her personality. Please read our Q&A interview below. If you are interested, please visit and contact her today!

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Q:How long have you been in business? What inspired you to start up an Invitation business?
A:I have been in business for 3 years. I’ve always been a creative person and during the holiday a few years back, my aunt who is an insurance agent asked me if I can design her greeting cards for her clients for the holidays. At first I wasn’t sure because I was busy with my full time job, but I couldn’t pass the extra money for the holiday shopping J. Of course now I look back and I am sooo thankful I didn’t skip out on that opportunity because that little project truly inspired me to start this business. I realized how much I enjoy designing and creating invitations and stationeries. As crazy as it sounds designing is a true stress relief.

Q:Do you offer different packages? What are your packages?
A:Because all of my work is custom, I don’t have a set package. I like to be flexible and work with the client’s budget and if budget permits I can offer them additional stationary that they may need for the day of. Not only I design invitations and all the pieces that comes with it, but everything else paper related for the big day, such as programs, escort cards, menus, signages, posters, etc.

Q:Can you customize an invitation according to the client’s theme?
A:YES…I LOVE to customize invites to a certain theme. I love to tell my client that this design is exclusive to you on this special day.

Q:Do you add embellishments to invitations? What kind of embellishments do you add to the design?
A:I love embellishments. I’ve used crystals, twigs, ribbons, gems, bamboo sticks-you name it.

Q:Do you offer calligraphy?
A:I do offer calligraphy

Q:Does the invitation set the tone of a wedding? (i.e. formal, semi-formal, informal)?
A:Yes the invites will always set the tone for the wedding. I design based on what the client wants- also, I have found that customizing invites can really speak about the couples personality and the guest will have that opportunity to see that.

Q:When should invitations be ordered and sent to guests?
A: If most guests are in town I would say giving them one month to respond is plenty of time. If there are out of town guests, 2 to 3 months in advance will be enough time. Just keep in mind 90% of the time you’ll be calling your guest and confirming their attendance as some guests just never RSVP.

Q:What is your turn around time with invitation orders?
A:Invitations should be started as soon as the venue and date is in place. You want to give yourself enough time to send it out. Most clients come to me for their invitation needs 4 months prior to the planned date to send it out. From there, I typically request a 2-week turn around time once the designs have been finalized and approved.

Q:How early do you think invitations should be sent out for destination weddings?
A:Again. I would give a good 2 to 3 months prior to the wedding to send out invites for destination wedding or out of town guests.

Q:Do you offer etiquette advice and guidance, such as invitation writing to clients or estimating the amount of invitations a bride should order?
A:I certainly do. But I do typically give clients a few extra invites just in case.

Q:To avoid errors, do you send a sample proof to your clients before the order is placed?
A:I will always send soft copy and hard copy proofs for client signed approvals before printing the job.

Q:Since you are located in California, do you offer your services nationwide?
A:Yes, I do offer my services nationwide. Its funny actually, I get a lot more clients out of state and I think that’s just because it makes their invites extra special knowing they are coming somewhere else. It also gives them something to be excited about. It’s like shopping online, you’re always looking forward to receiving that special package.

Q:Besides invitations, do you design other stationary such as menu cards, place cards, etc?
A:I design anything paper or graphic related. So menus, programs, place cards, table cards, thank you cards are all included.

Q:What is the most rewarding experience about providing your services to your clients?
A:It’s always awesome to hear back from clients saying how many compliments they got on their invites. Overall it’s rewarding just being able to be part of such a special time in someone’s life and knowing that I can give their guest a lasting first impression when they receive their invites.

Source Images- The CardLady

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