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Need a Hairstylist?

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so make sure that your bridal hairstyle is taken care of and that you have no surprises about how it will look! You’ll be viewing the photos for years to come, so making sure you like your hairstyle is one less thing to worry about that day.

If you like that vintage pin up look that will compliment your personality as a bride-check out Pinmeuphair! Sophisticated styles, long hairstyles or up dos. It’s a non-traditional and elegant style that has been around for decades. I had the opportunity to interview hairstylist Erica from Pinmeuphair. Please read the Q & A interview-great beauty tips! Book her services today! www.pinmeuphair.com

Q: How many years have you been a hair stylist?
A: I have always loved doing hair, even as a little girl. I have been doing hair for weddings for the passed 5 years now and it is my absolute favorite thing to do.

Q: What inspired you to love vintage and pin up hairstyles?
A: I always looked at the old Hollywood movie starlets and thought they were so glamorous and beautiful. I am a vintage enthusiast all around, and a huge antique collector, the hairstyles are just one of many aspects! I do all different types of styles, and am definitely not limited to vintage-inspired, it is just my special niche.

Q: What do you think is the hairstyle trend for 2011 wedding season?
A: The Old Hollywood Glamour is very trendy this year. The classic body wave with the hair down, and the side chignon are huge trends I am seeing this season, along with a birdcage veil.

Q: Is a trial wedding hairstyle necessary?
A:I very strongly suggest a trial, as it is a perfect time to play around and figure out the right look that compliments you and your wedding style. It's nice to have a direction to go in for the day of the wedding, and makes it a lot less stressful.

Q: How far in advance should I book you?
A: I always say about 2-3 months in advance is good, although I have been booked as far as a year in advanced and as quickly as a weekend in advance. I think it never hurts to be early, so I can set aside your date in my calendar. I try and accommodate everyone the best I can.

Q: What should I do the day of my wedding to be prepared to have my hair styled?
A: You should always figure out whether or not you should wash your hair the night before. That is probably the most frequently asked question that I get. If your hair gets greasy or oily generally fast, then I would say to wash it that morning. If you have super thick or curly hair, it is usually better to wash it the night before.

Q: Besides your vintage hairstyles, what other services/products do you provide?
A: I also make custom veils and bridal hairpieces. I have a few different styles that I make, but am able to make special order pieces to match a bride's specific wedding dress. I make a lot of birdcage style veils, some with flowers or vintage looking feathers, some with rhinestone brooches, and separate hairpieces or flowers (without veils).

Q: Can you work with a large bridal party?
A: I happen to work extremely fast and am able to accommodate a large bridal party. I can usually do about 3 people an hour, sometimes 4, depending . If for some reason I feel that the bridal party is too much for me to handle alone, I always bring an assistant to make sure things run smoothly and timely.

Q: Do you travel in the tri-state area? Destination weddings?
A: I travel all over the tri-state area for weddings. I am based out of Long Island, but do tons of weddings in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, New Jersey, etc. I would be open to doing destination weddings as well. I am frequently in South Florida and Atlanta, and sometimes do weddings down there as well.

Q: If you have a bride that doesn’t know what hairstyle compliments their attire, what suggestions/advice can you offer to that bride?
A: I always tell brides to look through magazines and almost make a scrapbook of inspiration pictures. This is good to do to get a feeling for your style and your wedding style. As far as picking the style that is right for you, it is best to try and look for pictures where the person has a similar face shape or features. Sometimes I will have a client that really likes a certain style, but doesn't like it on themselves, so looking for someone with similar features definitely can help you nail what might look best.

Q: Brides always are stumped when it comes to whether if the make up should be applied prior to styling the hair or after? What is your opinion?
A: In my opinion, it rarely matters. If your hairstyle requires swooping bangs or hair on the forehead, than I suggest doing makeup first, as not to mess up the hairstyle. If it is going to be an outdoor wedding in the summer, I suggest doing hair first, so the makeup will be fresher and won't melt as quickly while you are sitting for your hair.

Q: Since the summer and humidity is a few months away, what hair product do you think lasts long and fresh in a hairstyle?
A: I use all different types of products depending on the hair type and style we are trying to achieve. I really like the products by Texture, Tresseme, and Redkin.

Q: If a bride has a short hair-do, what hairstyle do you recommend?
A: If a bride wanted to achieve a vintage look, some soft finger waves look very timeless and pretty in short hair.

Q: What do you love the most about your job?
A: I absolutely love meeting new people, getting to know them and ultimately being a part of one of the biggest days of their lives. I love the excitement and emotion of the wedding day. I also just really enjoy making women look and feel beautiful and confident.

Images- Pinmeuphair

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