Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Inside Scoop on Relationship Coaching- How to define a healthy a marriage?

All the details that go into a wedding such as the venue, flowers, dress and more, we tend to forget about the relationship aspect. It’s not always about the “day”; it’s really about the marriage.

As a wedding planner, I witness couple’s behaviors when they make decisions on their budget, guestlist, menu- it can be a joyous moment or a stressful unhappy moment. Often two questions arise as I witness a couples’ moments, what are the ingredients to define a healthy marriage? What does it take to be in a happy relationship?
Here is couple of tips-
-Enter the marriage 100% committed-without the divorce option
-Disagreements are normal; they don’t mean the end of a relationship
-Focus on what binds you, not what separates you
-Take time out when there are arguments or fights
-Examine your intent
-Plan a date night =)

In addition, it’s always great to receive advice from a relationship coach. Jackie Janiec is a relationship coach for women in New York City. Jackie believes that happiness lies within and to truly love and know ourselves before we can embrace a relationship and/or enter into a marriage. She believes that in any relationship, we need to forgive, breath, and let go. “We have the opportunity to rewrite our story, which is the story of love” as Jackie continues.

There will be an opportunity on Thursday, July 26 to meet and hear Jackie’s point of view about relationship.

Time: July 26, 2012 from 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Location: SCC Center
Organized By: Nicole Letelier
Event Description:
Relationship Coaching Workshop

Thursday, July 26th
6:30 - 9:30pm
SCC Center 35 W. 31st Street, 10th Floor

There are no fairy-tale relationships, but there are many, many ways to live happily ever after! If you're looking for the kind of heart-pounding, joy-filled romance that seems to happen for other women and not for you, then this is your workshop. No rules, no games--just a clear, directed path to being happier right now.

Created and co-hosted by She Creates Change community member since 2009, Jackie Janiec.

Read more about Jackie by clicking HERE

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