Friday, August 3, 2012

Garter Placement Twist

We all know about the Garter Toss/Garter Placement traditional game – right? After the Groom tosses the garter to the single men, a man catches the garter to place the garter on the Bouquet Winner’s thigh or leg- which is a single woman.

How about twisting this old tradition into a fun joke?

Blindfold the Garter Toss Winner, and have the Groom sit on the chair. The Groom will raise his pants up to his knee; take off his shoe and sock- so he mislead the winner that it is a woman. Spin the Blindfolded Garter toss winner in circles, and then lead him to the Groom. The Garter toss winner will get excited due to the mystery of who is this “woman”, as he puts the garter on the Groom’s leg- take off his blindfold- SURPRISE! He will see that it’s the Groom! It’s a funny joke that family and friends will always cherish this humorous moment!

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