Thursday, January 24, 2013

Are you working out your New Year’s Resolution?!

You may have set a goal for your New Year’s Resolution- that goal may be to stay fit or to look amazingly game ready for your wedding!
But now it’s cold outside, you are probably saying “oh I’ll work out tomorrow”, or ugh I “don’t like gyms at all I need a better fulfilling workout.”

These past of couple of months I wanted to add in more Cardio to my lifestyle and I needed stamina to train for my first 4 mile race in Central Park. I can’t stand gyms! That’s probably why I’m a Yogini=)

On a brighter note, I did finish my 4 mile race in less than an hour – I was so proud of myself! How did I do it? Well, I met with Rayality Fitness which is a personal training center in Forest Hills, Queens NY.

Ray +Paula Lomando are amazing trainers. Once I went inside to their center, the aura in the room was full of Zen and it didn’t smell like a sweat gym, instead it smelled sooo fresh-I felt like I was in a Spa. Part of their mission is to consciously work toward providing the most comfortable environment possible for everyone to enjoy, which they have been successful to achieve.

Rayality Fitness has trained me to be game ready for my race, as well to get my brides + grooms game ready for their BIG DAY!

They offer exclusive one to one personal training sessions, which entails a complete body assessment and offer healthy nutritional recommendations, affordable 30 minute sessions that will get your body in shape and they offer Buddy sessions. Buddy sessions are great for you and your soon to be bride/groom to work out and be together, or you can take your Maid of honor with you.

Their service is impeccable and very down to earth and personal, which we all need in training our bodies.

Rayality Fitness will turn your GOALS into REALITY!
See you at Rayality Fitness!
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