Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome Gift Bags

Welcome gift bags are such a gracious way to greet your guests to your wedding or other special events, especially if they traveled to your joyous occasion. You may be having a destination wedding in the Caribbean or guests are traveling to your home state for your wedding- either way, these gift bags are helpful for guests in case if they are thirsty or if they forgot their essential travel items. You can place these welcome gift bags at the hotel’s front desk so your guests can receive it upon check-in or you can place it their room.

Here is a list of suggested items for your Welcome gift bags:
Bottle of Water (you can create a monogrammed label)
Crystal light (different flavors that can be mixed with water)
Mini bottles of wine (chardonnay or merlot)
Coffee Packets
Tea Packets
Folded Fan for the outdoor ceremony
Cookies, tea biscuits, mini muffins, bag of pretzels, granola bars
Personalized Lip chapsticks SPF 15 (for the hot weather)
Travel size sunscreen lotion
Travel size toothbrush/toothpaste (a lot of guests forget to bring their toothbrush)
Travel maps (attractions & activities- enclose a couple of brochures such as hiking trails, spas, Broadway shows, museums)
Guests Traveling with children-Include a few magnetic games like checkers, crossword puzzles, Sudoku, crayons, coloring books
And lastly insert a personalized thank you note- thanking your guests for sharing their weekend with you

You can place these creative items in a jumbo canvas tote bag or a jumbo Chinese take out box. If you are a budget/DIY savvy bride, you can purchase solid color gift bags with tissue paper resembling your wedding colors and create a personalized monogram label- this won’t cost a lot and it is easy DIY project!

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