Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Do’s and Don’ts in Wedding and Guest Etiquette

This is your first party that you are hosting as husband and wife, as well as a memorable occasion involving dear special people in your life- treat your guests as how you would like to be treated. Here are the following Wedding & Guest Etiquette tips: (also this is a helpful tip for Guests who are attending a wedding)

Don’t have your ceremony location further away from your venue location. It should take guests no longer than 30 minutes to drive from the ceremony to reception site. Be considerate of those guests who are traveling from out of town, even the guests who live locally.

Don’t have your reception begin an hour or more after the ceremony. Your guests will feel hungry, and they will have to figure out making plans in between that break, such as going back home, or making a pit stop to grab a bite right before your reception.

Don’t have a cash bar. Guests will attend your wedding and offer monetary gifts to you. If you can’t fit a premium open bar in your budget, consider serving wine, beer and soda only.

Don’t-Guests shouldn’t have side conversations during the ceremony- be attentive and respectful to the couple’s memorable moment.

Don’t-Guests shouldn’t take photographs during a ceremony- your flash may interfere with the professional photographer.

Don’t seat battling family/friend rivals together at the table. It will feel awkward and there will be minimal conversation at that table.

Don’t play upbeat and fast dancing music during dinner. Guests will not be able to enjoy their meal, instead they will go to the dance floor.

Don’t-A guest should not wear a white dress to a wedding- remember this is a Bride’s special day, please honor it.

Don’t-If your parents are divorced and haven’t been acquainted for several years, its best to sit them in separate tables to avoid awkward moments.

Do-Make sure with your catering manager that d’houvres are constantly replenished during your cocktail hour (If you are serving liquor during your cocktail hour the more food in your guests’stomach the less chance they will get tipsy).

Do-If you don’t want children attend the reception, please note on the bottom of your RSVP card “Adult Reception”.

Do-Include a separate enclosure card of hotel accommodations & rates inside the invitation, in case a guest needs to stay in a hotel during the wedding weekend.

Do-Include a separate enclosure card of directions to the ceremony and reception venue inside the invitation

Do-Send out thank you cards to your guests at least 3 weeks after your wedding. Also you can kindly write a personal note as to what you are planning to do with your guests gift- if it is a monetary gift you can write “Thank you for your gracious gift. Alvin and I will use this in purchasing our new home” or if it is a gift you can write, “Thank you so much for the beautiful stemware you sent to us. I know it will look wonderful on our table and we can't wait to invite you to dinner!

Do-Remind your wedding coordinator or Maitre’d to advise guests to turn off their cell phones during the ceremony.

Do-Guests should RSVP as soon as possible — the couple has decisions to make based on numbers. If you have to cancel, do that immediately, too. If you have submitted your RSVP checking that you are attending and your mind changes last minute, please kindly notify the bride or groom.

Do add a vegetarian option to your menu- in case a guest is vegetarian.

Do make sure you have enough servers at all tables and bartenders- you do not want a long line for drinks and/or a long line if you are having a buffet dinner.

Do-If your wedding is cancelled or postponed you need to inform all your guests so they can change their travelling arrangements. You can write a letter to inform them of this change or you can call them.

Do have reserved seated rows for your immediate family during the ceremony.

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