Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to include your pet in a wedding?

Pets are like family! We love our pets, and we often see them as our “bestfriends”. They have seen you experience good and bad times- they’ve always put a smile on your face. Why not have them part of your wedding?

Here’s how to have your furry friend be part of your wedding:
*Make sure you ask the catering hall and/or ceremony site to see if pets are allowed.
*Make sure you speak to your officiant, in case he/she has pet allergies.
*You can give them the honor to be a ring bearer to walk down the aisle or have your flowergirl hold a leash as she walks down the aisle with your dog.
*You can include your pet during the bridal introduction at your reception.
*Designate someone to watch your pet during the ceremony. Make sure the person you choose is willing to accept this duty.

It all depends what kind of pet you have and of course if they are able to be comfortable and happy during your ceremony and/or reception.

Woof Woof!

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