Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Coffee bean fall centerpiece

Are you inspired by rustic fall colors for your fall wedding- oranges, browns, and golds? Do you want a coffee aroma to spread through your venue? How about Coffee bean centerpieces?

An easy DIY project that you can do! Coffee beans come in many different shades of brown and black. Layer the shades in a large tall glass vase for a dramatic centerpiece. Another option, you can place white roses in floral tubes, also called water picks, to keep them hydrated. Fill a fish bowl vase with coffee beans and stick the roses into the beans until the top of the vase is covered in the roses. Use tall, square vases filled with coffee beans to display bolder colors like fuchsia, orange and purple. Wrap a wide brown or ivory ribbon around each vase.

Build your centerpieces around coffee beans for table decorations- your guests will not forget!

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