Sunday, November 4, 2012

How to set up an affordable Candy Buffet?

I hope you all celebrated the Halloween holiday in your homes with your children, despite of Hurricane Sandy. Halloween has past and now on to the holidays. Most weddings and even other celebrations are displaying the candy buffet trend. It can be used for your guests to scoop up their favorite candy to take home with them after your event. If you are having a fall themed or a Christmas Holiday themed candy buffet, you can purchase your favorite candy matching to your color theme palate.

Usually candy buffets will cost $50 to $200 approximately, such as purchasing the vases, and pounds of candy, and adding a DIY flair to your vases and jars. All you need to buy is 5 jars/vases of your favorite candy.

Here are couple of items to purchase for you candy buffet:



·You can purchase jars/vases and scoopers at your local 99 cent store.

Here are tips when buying your favorite Candy/Chocolate:
·Buy themed candy/chocolates that are similar to your colors. You buy mixed candy a little bit of everything, a variety of it all, if it is a Christmas themed candy buffet table, you can have as Holiday M&Ms, Candy canes to put in a cylinder vase.

·Here are suggested candy/chocolate websites: (you can order 4 packs of these if you like) (these are actually cheaper as well) (gummy bears ) (you can do cotton candy as well to give it that snow affect for your Christmas Holiday Candy Buffet=)

How to store candy?
·Cellophane Bags are the best affordable solution for candy, and you can add on a personalized label to your bag for a DIY d├ęcor flair.

How much should I order per guest?
We recommend about a third to a half pound per guest. (Or put another way, 1 pound for every 2-3 guests). But keep in mind that it's better to go a little over than go under. Think of the last guest in the line, who should still get a few options.

How many different items should I include?

5 items would make a nice a assortment; however, more items would certainly be lovely as well. Here is an estimate of how much candy you need.
Cups Ounces if Small, Dense Candy Ounces if Medium Candy Ounces if Large Candy
1/4 cup 2 1.5 1
1/3 cup 2.75 2.5 2
1/2 cup 4 3.5 2.5
2/3 cup 5.5 4.5 3
3/4 cup 6 5 4
1 cup 8 6 4.5

How should I store chocolates and candy?
Chocolates and candy can generally can be stored up to 6 months in a cool dry place. Please refer to the details for each candy and treat on our web site for the exact storage information. We recommend storing your chocolate in areas that are between 59-63 degrees Fahrenheit (15-17 degrees Celsius) and with a relative humidity of less than 50%. "Blooming" can occur if chocolate is refrigerated.

Enjoy your sweets!

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